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New cupcake shop!!!

Hi all,

Just wanted to share with everyone that a new bakeshop opened by my house. The place has the some of the best cupcakes I've had in this area. Their red velvet is to die for! I also tried the Pink Lemonade and Lemonberry. I have to admit I was very please with each of them. Their decor is very cute too.

Here is the website incase anyone wants to check it out www.dolcissimobakeshop.com

~ Rachel

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  1. Oh, it's in Costa Mesa! You really have to probe that website to find that out -- might be good to give a heads up in your message title or message itself.

    1. Woops I'm sorry, my friend also told me I forgot to mention where it's at ;p

      The bakeshop is next to triangle square right where the 55 freeway ends.

      560 W. 19th Street
      Costa Mesa, CA 92627

      1. Nice! That's my treat for the week sorted out. ;-)

        1. Nice, I'll have to try out. Trekked out to Long Beach last weekend to try Frosted Cupcakery, this will be much closer.

          1. The cupcakes on the website look amazing! Have you had Sprinkles? If so, how would you compare them? I like Sprinkles, but find them to be dense and dry at times- especially the chocolate varieties.

            The mini cherry pies look great too. Can't wait to try it out! Thanks for the head's up!

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            1. re: OCGirl

              Boo for Sprinkles, all they make is overpriced cupcakes with tons of icing on top...I'm still probing the gourmet cupcake scene, but it all seems a scam to me...

              1. re: christof

                I like Sprinkles' red velvet cupcake. But I agree, they are totally overpriced. And you get snooty attitudes with your cupcakes too. I'd much rather have French's $1 cupcakes. But if there's another place in Costa Mesa that specializes in cupcakes too, I say the more the merrier!

            2. How much did the cupcakes cost you?

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                Nevermind, saw on the webiste...

                Singles $3 • Dozen $33 • Mini 3 for $5

                Baby Cheesecakes
                Singles for $3.95

                Baby Pies
                Single $3.95 • ½ dozen $22.50 • Dozen $42

                Single $1 • Dozen $10

                Fudge Brownies
                Single square $2

                Caramel Apples
                Old School $3.95
                Apple Pie $4.95

                1. re: OCAdam

                  Okay, I think I'm officially hooked now. Had to stop by this place again to try their little cheesecakes. I dare to say it was just as good as the Cheesecake Factory. It was definately a different style because it had one firm and one very soft layer while the Cheesecake Facotry just has one big firm layer. What ever it looked like it was just the tastiest little thing ever. I got the blueberry cheesecake.

                  Also got a orange creamsicle cupcake. Was going to save this for tomorrow but had to take a bite to try it. It was so yummy! It taste just like those orange cream sodas I drank when I was a kid. This place really has some fun flavors.

              2. It's not helping my diet ;) but thanks for the tip. The cupcakes as pictured on the website really looked too cute to eat...

                1. Is it just me or is "red velvet" cupcake the new hotness? I don't remember reading so much about red velvet cupcakes until these last few months.

                  1. Well, since we were going to Fashion Island last weekend we had to swing by and give this a try.

                    Verdict - the cupcakes were a perfect size, and pretty as a picture. But... it's kind of a little bit too much on the dry side for me. We got pink lemonade, red velvet and carrot.

                    The pink lemonade didn't have enough of lemony punch. The carrot cake has some spices like cinnamon, but I think not enough carrots.

                    I may give it another try and hope that maybe it's a fluke that it's so dry this time.

                    But so far I like the cupcakes at Pacific Whey and Crumbs the best, even though they are kind of 'supersized' and not exactly pretty/dainty like a cupcake should be.