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Mar 8, 2008 12:52 PM

Girls Getaway- restaurant/bar recs needed

Planning a trip for a group of 6 women in their late 20s for May and need recommendations for restaurants and bars. Need places for dinner that are trendy and fun, but still with good food! Open to all cuisines and cost is not too big of a consideration. Any bar/club recommendations would also be much appreciated. We're staying at the St. Paul, but don't need to stay in the area. Thanks!

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    1. what's your definition of trendy & fun? trendy & fun as in movies stars would dine there?

      i was going to sugget Pintxo ( but that might be a little too laid back.
      Joe Beef maybe? perhaps a little too rustic.
      Cafe Ferreira?

        1. Old Montreal, which is where your hotel is, is quite the hot spot these days for good scene and good food. I'd suggest:

          Garde Manger
          Ristorante Otto (in the W)
          and Globe on Saint-Laurent... all of which are places which combine good food-atmosphere and where you can also stay and party afterwards.

          For good place for drinks/lounge, I'd suggest Suite 701 in the Hotel Place D'armes or Santos Café, which I believe is on St-Paul.

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