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Mar 8, 2008 12:31 PM

[MSP] - Pupusas

Anybody know anywhere OTHER than La Hacienda in Sibley Plaza (St. Paul) to get these delectable Salvadoran treats? Not that the pupusa I had at La Hacienda was bad (it was delicious), but I'm curious if there are any other spots in the MSP area to get a pupusa.


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  1. Mercado Central on Lake & Bloomington in Minneapolis has a pupuseria. You can also get them in the Midtown Global Market just down the road from there, Lake and Chicago.

    1. Hi tvdxer, I see you're one on of your exploration adventures. I'm looking forward to your report! Try Manana Restaurant in St. Paul


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        Thanks. It's good to hear that there's more than just La Hacienda serving up pupusas in MSP. It might be some time for my next report, though. I'm trying to keep an adequate balance in my savings for the big Spain / Morocco trip I'm going on in May.

        Are pupusas just a Salvadoran / Central American thing, or are they eaten in Mexico too?

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          As far as I know, they are Salvadoran, although I *suppose* there might be a region in Mexico where they are eaten that I don't know about. But I don't think so!

          We love Mañana and we live like 4 minutes from it, so that's an easy one for us. My husband would go there every day if he could.

      2. There is a new (~3-4 months) Salvadoran place called Las Pupusas on Arcade Street on the East Side of St. Paul. One of my neighbors said it's pretty good. There are also rumors of pupusas in the restaurant in back of the Las Palmas mercado on Payne Avenue (near the Oil and Water gallery).

        Las Pupusas
        1098 Arcade St.
        St. Paul

        417 Terrace Lake Rd, Ronan, Mt 59864

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          Been meaning to try that place-- but any time we're in the mood for pupusas, we just naturally head for Mañana....

        2. I have had them at Salsa A La Salsa. They seemed to be very freshly made, though they did not have much filling in them.