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Mar 8, 2008 12:17 PM

Need good desserts near Laural and Ventura

Any good places to go for dessert near Laural Canyon and Ventura blvd. tonite around 10PM? The restaurant doesn't have great desserts so we're looking for something close by that does. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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  1. On Ventura Blvd:
    If in sherman oaks around the intersection of Allot, meaning two blocks east of Woodman, Boneyard Bistro has a fabulous banana split and other desserts of equal quality as well, or maybe Max at the corner of Dixie Canyon, a few blocks east of the boneyard. or
    Have not been in ages, but would think that maybe Wine Bistro at Carpenter in Studio City might have good ones, as might the Bistro Garden at Coldwater Canyon.

    1. Aroma Cafe on Moorpark and Tujunga is only a couple blocks away and has the best cakes, etc. and great ambiance. They're only open until 10 or 11 though, I think, so it depends how late you'll be eating.

      1. Probably too late, but Studio Yogurt right at that intersection is usually a pretty good LA scene and has tasty yoghurts.