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Mar 8, 2008 12:00 PM

Towson Area crabs, etc.

I will be in Towson Sunday and Monday. I'm thinking about going to:
Conrad's Crabs (can I eat there or is it just a market?)
Fresh Fresh Seafood
Would appreciate any opinions and/or other options for great local eateries.
How's the local Indonesian?

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  1. <<<How's the local Indonesian?>>


    I believe that Conrad's Crabs is carry out only.

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    1. re: baltoellen

      I read about the Indonesian House on W Alleghany.

      1. re: Barry Strugatz

        Interesting.....I don't remember seeing it there, and don't remember discussion of it here, but if it does exist, I'd also be very interested in learning what people think.

          1. re: Barry Strugatz

            I think it's long gone and has morphed into Kathmandu Kitchen.

              1. re: Barry Strugatz

                I've been to Kathmandu Kitchen twice. They bill themselves as Nepali/Indian. I thought their Indian food was strangely spiced (really heavy on ginger and something else that tasted vaguely of lemongrass), but I'm not sure if it's just due to a different regional influence than the Northern and Southern Indian that I'm used to. Overall - thought it was ok but haven't been back in over 2 years so I don't have much recent experience. For better Indian in Towson, I prefer to go around the corner to Cafe Spice.

    2. Fresh Fresh Seafood is a trip, and it's a place that every Baltimore hound needs to visit at least once. It's owned by a couple who are really lovely people. The food is pretty good, and cooked to order. I wasn't impressed with the crab cake, but everything else I enjoyed.

      It's one of those places that I don't think about too much because it's in a terrible location on York Road a block or two south of the circle, and finding parking in that area is a pain at least on weekends. But it's cheap and good and well worth checking out. I don't know why it doesn't get more attention.

      1. go to the Ocean Pride on York Road!

        1. Ocean Pride, for sure! They are terribly expensive right now but they are huge and wonderful....

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          1. re: kim2310

            Will hit Ocean Pride on my next visit.
            Went to Crack Pot, fun place food a bit bland.
            Loved Fresh Fresh Seafood, a soul food seafood mom & pop operation. Great Cream Crab soup and crabcakes.

          2. Hey all, I'm resurrecting this thread because I am interested in grabbing crabs in Towson tonight. It sounds like the best bet would be the Crackpot, since Conrad's is mostly carry out. Is this right? Or is Ocean's Pride worth checking out instead? Any other options? Thanks!

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            1. re: charmedgirl

              I would pick Ocean Pride over the Crack Pot!

              1. re: charmedgirl

                After two mediocre crab experiences at the Crackpot I never went back. That was years ago so who knows. Ocean Pride has been consistently good but a little pricey.

                1. re: charmedgirl

                  Thanks for the feedback guys, Ocean Pride tonight was great. Our server warned us the crabs were only "ok," but ours turned out to be pretty heavy and pretty flavorful. Definitely better than ok. Service as a whole was also very good, despite the fact that the place was hopping. This place gets the thumbs up.