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Mar 8, 2008 11:49 AM

The Tim Tam Slam: Thoughts on Variations?

So my parents were kind enough to bring about 30 boxes of Tim Tams on their last visit, and all of our Tim-Tam loving friends are going into chocolate and caffeine overload. Lots of very buzzy people here in Montreal right now.

I am a classicist on this matter, and love sucking up really great expresso (Thanks Caffe in Gamba!) with my Tim Tam. But I have also tried regular tea, and it is an acceptable substitute when I decide I really need to sleep at night. One of my friends got a craving late at night, and tried it with hot milk, which sounds soothing and delicious! Any other liquids that you have tried and loved?

To Tim-Tam newbies: You musty search out this cookie and try the Tim Tam Slam! Tim Tams are an Australian wafer cookie covered in chocolate: see this description of the Tim Tam slam:


There is no substitute if you like gooey chocolatey coffee treats! No other cookie quite behaves like this. Tim Tams on their own are rather pedestrian, but in a Tim Tam Slam, well, heavenly...

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  1. Wow! I had no idea that was this popular!

    I am not a coffee drinker, and I learned to do it with tea. Upon reading the entry in wiki, though I want to try irish cream.

    1. Can I do this with my Choco-La-Tea drink?
      What do you think?

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        Oh yeah, I'm sure that would work! You can get Tim Tams in the GTA at Loblaw's/Superstore... When the snow stops, you should seriously search some out!

      2. Milo. Or any kind of hot chocolate drink.

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          I have resisted hot chocolate for 2 reasons. Firstly, I am concerned it might be too much chocolate (is this possible?). Secondly, the hot chocolates that I prefer are the really rich thick intense hot chocolates, and these might be too thick and viscous to be sucked up through the TimTam. Still, perhaps in the interests of science, i should bite the bullet.

        2. We Tim Tam Slam with hot chocolate. I like them best with hot tea, though.

          1. I just have to say, I love Tim Tams! The caramel ones are awesome. I wish they sold them in the US. I was introduced to Tim Tams and the Tim Tam straw on a visit to Australia several years ago. I guess the Tim Tam Straw is the same thing as the Tim Tam Slam. We used cold milk, and sucked it up thru the Tim Tam. Yum! Like chocolate milk and the cookie tastes good afterward too.