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Mar 19, 2002 07:05 PM

Muffins in Sherman Oaks

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I've know a bakery which I think is Chow-worthy. Its called Unforgettable Cakes on Ventura just west of Van Nuys. They have a few quirks--they sell muffins and coffee, but do not open for business until 9:30ish. I'm not sure of their weekend hours, I don't think they have hours posted, and they don't seem too concerned with punctuality. The muffins are fantastic! My favorites were cappacino and blueberry, and in the fall they offer a pumpkin which is also quite good. They offer sandwiches for lunch, they make their own bread (delicious!). My pick is their roasted red pepper sandwich, its on their stupendous rolls and is dressed with their own balsamic vinagrette. They sell containers of the vinagrette, I've never had better.

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