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Mar 8, 2008 10:55 AM

Peppermill - your shad roe experience

Someone mentioned going to the Peppermill for shad roe. I know- Iknow but I'm close enough to the correct age group to get away with it. The roe I had last year seemed dry. What is your experience. Does Peppermill do it well? Was that a bad night or does it reflect my inexperience with shad roe?

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  1. I take my MIL every year. They cook it a little more than I would like, but I've never found it way too dry.

    1. I love shad roe! The Eastern House on Eastern Ave used to grill a wonderful shad roe. But that's so far away. Thanks for the info on the Peppermill. I'm a tad younger than the average diner there (but so is Methusala). However for good shad roe I'd overlook this.
      Is it always on their menu?

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      1. re: RichardCrystal

        Only in season, which started early this year. I bought some at Wegman's and am preparing it tonight.

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          I am pretty sure they only have it when shad roe sets are in season!

        2. Someone please tell me what shad roe is supposed to taste like! I went to the Peppermill the other day and had shad roe for the first time. It looked like dog turd and tasted like a hamburger without any identifiable flavor. Not bad, but why is it on anyone's menu?

          BUT, the saving grace of the meal was the waitress who was just delightful and her recommendation to get the oyster stew (in place of the cream of crab soup). The stew was wonderful beyond belief - creamy and buttery tasting - worth the heart attack that may be coming. And the homemade blue cheese dressing - divine!

          My 81 year old MIL loved the fried oysters, homemade apple sauce, and fried just right french fries.

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          1. re: Denise

            Not sure what it tastes like, but I saw some for the first time at Eastern Market yesterday and your visual description is pretty accurate. :) Didn't make me want to buy any.

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              Shad roe, no matter how poorly prepared, has a very distinct flavor and texture, neither of which resemble ground beef in the least. Livery, perhaps.