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LA Hound in Boston all week need recommendations

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Arriving late tonight and will be in Boston and surrounding area all week. Not into tourist traps. Like all kinds of food, Italian, BBQ, Steak, Asian, Mexican, Seafood you name it. Love to find those off the radar but also like to try those new happening spots also. Doesn't have to be expensive but wouldn't mind splurging on seafood. Also, what are some great pubs.

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  1. For seafood you might like Neptune Oysters - North End, or B&G Oyster - South End. Also in the North End (Boston's Little Italy) you could check out Prezza for dinner or Regina's for pizza. As for pubs, I think you would enjoy Beacon Street Tavern (Beacon St), Washington Street Tavern (Washington, Sq), and the Publick House (Washington Sq). Deep Ellum in Allston has a great beer selection though not a "pub." I would also recommend Taberna de Haro (Spanish Tapas) in Brookline. Cambridge also has some great spots: Rendezvous, Oleana, Green Street are some of my favs. Enjoy!

    1. Abe and Louis or Grill 23 for steak. Grotto is great for Italian. The bar at Pigalle. B&G, Neptune or Atlantic Fish (beside Abe's) for seafood. Paramount for dinner. Stella in the South End also Italian but a fun place and good bar scene. Also, a good tip is that some of the best seafood in Boston is served in the really great restaurants-not necessarily seafood-only places.
      Alibi bar at the Liberty Hotel is happening right now-just don't go late on a busy night or you will be standing in line-also limited food options.

      1. The Blue Room (Cambridge)
        Salts (Cambridge)
        Oleana (Cambridge)
        Aneka Rasa (Allston)
        Taranta (North End).

        1. My rec's:

          seafood: Moulton's (Medford)
          Taranta (North End)
          Sorellina (Back Bay/South End)
          Li'l Vinny's (Somerville)
          dante (Cambridge)

          "Happening Spot" (with great food & cocktails): Eastern Standard Kitchen

          210 Hanover St., Boston, MA 02113

          Eastern Standard
          528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

          Moulton's Seafood Restaurant
          178 Winthrop St, Medford, MA 02155

          One Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02116

          5 Cambridge Pkwy, Cambridge, MA 02142

          Little Vinny's
          525 Medford St, Somerville, MA 02145

          1. Grab a seat at the raw bar at Union Oyster House - between City Hall and Haymarket - but only the raw bar (it's worth a wait). The bar is a classic, almost two hundred years old, and the two guys (why is it always guys?) are fun to chat with, whoever you get. When you do chat them up they look out for you and chose only the best little necks and oysters. Grab a cup of chowder, get some of their corn bread with it, and have them pour you a Bass Ale or Sam Adams. One of the best lunches or pre-dinner experiences in town.

            Check the reviews in the Boston Globe, they are fairly reliable. Wander the North End, for the atmosphere if nothing else. Dessert at Mike's, coffee at Caffe Vittorio.


            1. Neptune Oyster, North End not Italian raw bar and other great food, small place
              Prezza, North End upscale Italian with great bar
              Maria's, North End pastry - lobster tail is a must
              Pizzeria Regina, North End (only) - classic thin crust pizza
              Toro, South End tapas with great cocktails
              Eastern Standard. Kenmore Square great cocktails, solid food
              Green St Grill, Central Square, Cambridge, great cocktails, really good food, getting better
              Central Kitchen, Central Square, Cambridge, consistently good food (not the shellfish recently, however), nice vibe
              East Coast Grill, Inman Square, Cambridge, great seafood, raw bar (GET THE WET BONE)
              Oishii, Too, Sudbury - no better sushi on the East Coast (GET THE LOBSTER TEMPURA)-almost as good as Ike in Hollywood and far more contemporary
              King Fung Garden, Chinatown, Northern Chinese (scallion pancake and shanghai noodles, Peking Duck with 24 hour advance notice)
              Emma's Pizza, Kendall Sq, Cambridge
              No. 9 Park, expert bar and top notch upscale food
              Great Bay, Kenmore Square -overpriced upscale seafood, but top desserts, especially the butterscotch pudding
              B&G Oyster, South End - great raw bar and lobster roll, nice scene/service
              Starbucks Clover pressed coffee downtown on Federal St or Harvard Sq, Cambridge
              Miracle of Science, Central Sq, Cambridge, great burger (the Ronnie) and lively scene
              Cuchi Cuchi, Cambridge, fun, festive, slightly overpriced tapas and cocktails

              1. Italian - Lucca or Prezza in the North End
                BBQ - ?
                Steak Grille 23 in the Back Bay
                Asain- Douzo for sushi in the Back Bay
                Mexican - Toro - tapas in the South End or Orinocco - Venezulean in the South End
                Seafood - Neptune Oyster in the North End (go on a Monday night)

                1. I really appreciate everyone's response. I can't wait to try some of these places out. The power of The Hound lives on.

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                    I am from LA and recommend avoiding the Mexican and Asian here. That said, Boston has some really great Italian, seafood and Spanish.

                    Hope you have a good trip.