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Mar 8, 2008 10:24 AM

Best Malaysian in Chinatown

Hi all,

I think there are about 4 or 5 malaysian restaurants in chinatown. i've only been to nyonya. while it was okay, i think there was room for improvement. has anyone been to a few different ones who can suggest their favs? doesn't have to be chinatown actually, but below houston st. would be nice.

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  1. I like Nyonya a lot, even after being to and eating really well in Malaysia last year. A couple of Malaysian friends have told me that's their favorite in Manhattan. Definitely order the Roti, Indian Mee Goreng, and Laksa if you go there.

    Jaya is also excellent, a little less packed than Nyonya, and les emphasis on pork in everything if you care about that.

    199 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

    90 Baxter St, New York, NY 10013

    1. My favorite is New Malaysia.

      I had the most disappointing meal at Oversea Asian on Canal today. The fried pearl noodle was gummy and hard. The shrimp over it was mushy. The hainanese chicken over rice was a just a few pieces of what seems to be the wing section over rice that barely had any flavor. The skin on the chicken smelled funny. The soy sauce for the chicken tasted straight from the bottle. This was a stark contrast in comparison to Nyonya and New Malaysia. I wanted to like this place ordering different dishes each time, hoping it would redeem itself but after several tries I'm done.

      1. try skyway on allen, its probably consensus on chowhound as the for skyway malaysian and you'll find alot of posts

        fyi, i think nyonya is very mediocre (i've eaten there many times) and i've never been impressed (ordered all type of classic malay / singaporean dishes)...i lived in singapore for a while and have eaten in malaysia alot.

        i never had a great experience at Overseas Asian either, it got a good write up from siestema a while ago, but i disagreed with it as i tried the dishes he said were good

        other places:
        - new malaysia (in the arcade hall on elizabeth): i've had decent experiences here although last time there hainanese chicken rice was pretty bland...i usually like their nasi lemak (my all time favorite malay dish)
        - sanur - i used to think its good, but i havent eaten there in years, so im probably not the best judge
        - singapore cafe - same as sanur, its been too long
        - jaya - same as sanur, its been too long
        - penang - never been to ctown branch
        - bagus - its on pell, but i've never eaten there

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        1. re: Lau

          Penang has gone downhill to me. I had consecutive misses so I stopped going altogether.

        2. I'm glad to report that, after passing by many times with good intentions, I finally hit New Malaysia and had a very satisfying meal. Started with a hefty but wonderfully light and refreshing dish of Satay Tofu. The satay sauce had a subtle sweetness, and was layered like thick gravy over the soft tofu, which itself sat on a bed of soft cucumbers. Next up was their version of Assam Laksa, which had the spicy and sour going in equal measures with the fishy broth, and some toothsome noodles. I went in there on a late Saturday afternoon and the place was almost filled to the gill with happy diners. I look forward to returning.

          If I had to pick my favorite Malaysian dish in Manhattan's C-town, to this point, though, it would definitely be Skyway's Fish Head Casserole. Excellent balance of heat and flavor, plus the fish heads are good for the soul.


          1. In Chinatown I really enjoy Sanur and Skyway. New Malaysia I find pretty uneven and the sambal kangkong is really bland there.