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Mar 8, 2008 10:19 AM

Graduation Dinner for 11

I am graduating in June and looking for a restaurant that is not too formal, will give my out of town family a good Boston experience, and is vegetarian friendly. The ages range from a grandma to 2 teenage cousins. We are staying in Brookline (school is in Cambridge) but could really go anywhere. I assume I will want to avoid Cambridge because of the crowds. I was thinking that Italian in the North End would fit the bill but I am open to other suggestions. I don't have a price restriction, just hoping for something that appeals to everyone. Also not sure how early I will need to make recommendations.

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  1. Make reservations ASAP. We are going to Eastern Standard with a party of seven- grandparents, vegans, etc. It's a favorite. (The other night, while the graduate parties, the older group is going to Brasserie Jo....mainly the grandparents and other geriatrics.) Rendezvous sounds like a good fit, for you, too. You're right to get going on it now. Have fun.

    1. Figg, make those reservations asap. Graduations are brutal on the Boston/Cambridge restaurant scene, in the most surprising places. Even far-flung spots, if they're any good, fill up fast with those huge parties. Hotels are often booked a year in advance, too. I've had good luck, during my few grad. meals in Boston, eating on the earlier side - if that's possible for you. I'll leave the 'where' to others, except to agree that Italian is always a crowd pleaser.