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Look at this crazy Ice Cream product! Not bad!

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So I finally wandered into Jang To Marche Oriental (2109 St. Catherine West, 514-932-9777) which is close to Maison Bulgogi. Pretty good selection! Those of you who are craving Bun Dae Gi (canned silk worm larvae) can satisfy your craving here (ewww). The kimchi looks appealing, I met the grandmother who likely makes it, she is a character! As soon as I have gone through my mother's homemade kimchi batch, I plan to try this kimchi, it looks like it has potential.

(I am going to try to make my mother's stuffed cucumber kimchi, if I am successful, will seriously consider opening a business. Well, no i won't, but the thought has crossed my mind. I must get parents to move here.)

In the frozen dessert section, I saw a host of interesting ice cream-like products with a distinctly Asian bent. As well as the usual B-B Big red bean frozen dessert bar, I saw the following product, and had to buy one to try it. It is a Corn ice cream. The name in Korean is pronounced "Cohn - ok soo soo" which is the word "corn" in Korean followed by the korean word for corn ( ok soo soo). The outside wafer is made of the stuff they make cheap ice cream cones out of (you know, the cheap cones that you usually upgrade to the sugar cone, the stuff that tastes like there might be plastic involved). It is fashioned to resemble a cob of corn. Inside is a bunch of vanilla ice cream flavoured with corn, and with occasional pieces of corn embedded in the ice cream. In the third picture you can see a yellow blob in the body of the ice cream, it is a real piece of corn. The brown smear on the top appears to be a chocolate-flavoured substance. The flavour of corn is somewhat subtle yet oddly haunting. I like it much more than I thought I would! If you happen to be wandering by the store, take a look and give it a try, it is surprisingly tasty. And quite amusing. Don't expect Havres-Aux-Glaces, this is a campy ice cream experience. But I like food that makes me laugh.

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  1. I've had that corn ice cream and I must admit it was quite interesting and rather tasty.

    1. I love that corn ice cream!

      1. That is absolutely hilarious - thanks for the pictures. I have only one question: how can you even *think* about ice cream in this horrendous weather. ;-)

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          Ice cream is best in the winter! It doesn't melt too quick!

        2. So cute. The funny thing is if I've seen them I would have sworn that they were individually frozen corns on the cob. That is what happens when you lack the language skills to read the labels and that is why I am still afraid to shop at Asian groceries by myself. One day I will bring home some chocolate covered kimchi, or something equally wacky, thinking that I bought an innocent candy.

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            Chocolate covered kimchi - ewww!

            Now chocolate covered squid, that's another story:


            But I recommend only dried cuttlefish or squid with chocolate. I once had chocolate after a piece of fresh squid, not so good.

          2. Yes! I first had this last summer and it's amazing. Corn is such a perfect flavour for ice cream.

            I'm in Hong Kong at the moment but strangely I haven't seen anything similar. Of course, I haven't been looking very closely.

            Melona (honeydew-flavoured ice cream) is pretty good too. They're a standard corner store treat at depanneurs in Toronto but Jangte seems to be the only place that sells them in Montreal.

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              Yes, I saw the melon ice cream, and I will have to try this.

              Perhaps the reason you don't see the corn ice cream in Hong Kong is because they are a Korean product?

              BTW happy eating in HK! I am dreadfully jealous, I would love to eat my way through Hong Kong! Safe travels...

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                There was a Melona shelf-talker on the freezer door at Marché du Coin, corner of Lacombe and Gatineau in CDN, last week. Didn't see any of the treats inside. Will inquire.

              2. Have to concur: it's trippy and pretty tasty, not as artificial tasting as I'd feared.

                Your post raises an interesting point, however: since Havre aux Glaces often uses market produce to make its wares, why don't they offer corn ice cream in late July and August? Now that the supersweet corn varieties have taken over the market, they could probably get away with not adding any sugar...

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                  Carswell, did you suggest this to them? I think it's a fantastic idea!

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                    Nope, never did. Somebody should. The only time I've seen one of the brothers in one of the stores this year was the bro' who was scooping at the Atwater Market shop on a warm and dry July day (there were one or two), and he definitely didn't have time to chat.

                2. «I am going to try to make my mother's stuffed cucumber kimchi, if I am successful, will seriously consider opening a business.»

                  If you do, please call it Kimchi Locale. ;)

                  1. While trying to do a search for an ice cream thread on here I came across this one.
                    I remember years ago when I was over at a dinner party and a friend of my dad's asked if we wanted ice cream. She brought out some funky flavours ~ one was corn & cheese and the others were coconut-flavoured. That corn & cheese flavour was interesting and not that bad. The brand name was Magnolia which you can find at Kim Hour or Kim Phat in CDN. There was also another brand form the Philippines that came in a gold container which was twice as expensive as the Magnolia brand. Wasn't too sure about splurging on a tub of $12 ice cream that I know nothing about :0)

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                      The corn and cheese, Avocado, and Taro have been available for quite some time at Kim Phat and other grocery stores stocking ice cream flavours marketed to the Philippine community.

                      I have never had enough of an urge to spurge on a tub of what I suspected to be a stale tub of ice cream I most probably would not like. On the other hand, I have gone through many of the novelty ice cream bars and Popsicles at the Korean grocery across from Arkhavan.

                      BTW Jang To is a sister store of the Korean grocery on Decarie below Sherbrooke.

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                        Speaking of the Korean grocery on Decarie below Sherbrooke. Went there recently, I asked for recommendations with their bottle drinks selection(fruit juices, teas, sodas). One family member's response, they're all good, I can't suggest anything, depends what you like(& he was firm on that). Then I responded what about the lemon juices, asking another family member. Her response, there's only one lemon juice(I showed her, that they carry two different lemon juices, but she didn't care). What a frustrating experience!