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Mar 8, 2008 10:09 AM

Suggestion: regional "Wishlist" pages [moved from CHOW Feedback board]

I've already sent this suggestion to a local moderator, but wanted to offer it publicly to see if it gained traction.

A recent thread on the Ontario board attracted much interest and contribution: it was about what a city (Toronto) is missing in terms of quality chow. The thread was deleted because it fell outside the forum scope, but I'm pledging that Chowhound should make a separate forum just for such speculation.

Think of it as a Wishlist of sorts. Hounds would congregate and post about what sort of eats their areas could use, and the hope is that entrepreneurs would respond accordingly. I know the marketplace isn't that cut and dry, but it could prove to be fertile ground for fantastic future chow.

I worked in the food industry for several years, and know that business types keep their eyes on places like Chowhound. It's instant feedback and the savviest among them take it very seriously. If there's enough demand, they will provide supply.

Just an idea. Based on the popularity of that one thread, I think it could really take off, which of course means more site traffic for you guys. Please consider it.

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  1. I agree with you.
    The food industry people definitely read chowhounds.
    And Toronto is a prime example of a city with a great diversity of ethnic restaurants.
    I commented that there are few great basic restaurants, with a variety of foods.
    Possibly some restauranteur would fill this gap?
    I thought it a great topic, although I didn't initiate it.
    I think Chowhounds underestimates their ability to influence the industry.