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Mar 8, 2008 09:56 AM

filipino restaurants in Montreal

Where do you go for the best filipino food in Montreal? Tried several filipino eating establishments, but don't know where's the best.

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  1. I know of three but have never tried them:
    -Bahay Kubo on Van Horne
    -Pearl of Manila on Decarie
    -small bakery/take-out on Victoria near de la Peltrie
    I don't know much about Filipino food and have not been tempted to try it. It's weird that Mtl has a fairly large Filipino community but so few restaurants. I also remember that they have a big festival/BBQ in Mackenzie Park on Cote Ste Catherine and there are many food stalls.

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    1. re: hungryann

      I've tried the bakery (I think it's the one you're talking about) and it's quite good. I know a lot of Filipinos who swear by pearl of Manilla, but I haven't been. In fact, I don't think I've ever been to a sit down Filipino resto in Montreal...
      BLM how would you rate the places you've been to?

      1. re: Moosemeat

        I would rate them just OK at best, not great. All around the Victoria area.

    2. they all blow....i find that none of them really do the cuisine justice...Rasa is a new spot that opened up, don't know if it's still suggestion, make a filipino friend and i guarantee you'll be eating some home cooking that'll sufice any craving or curiousities.

      1. Well, - Bahay Kubo is good (on Van Horne)
        - Pearl of Manila seem nice but I never eat there, I just saw the inside ( it is a Buffet).
        ( on Victoria )
        We tried recently a new Filipino Restaurant that doesn't show on the internet yet. I think they call it "Papa Filipino Restaurant." You can miss it, it is in front of Sariling Atin ( an other filipino restaurant ) on Victoria. And just at his left , there is an other little filipino restaurant that I forgot the name.

        Anyway, you can't miss those places, they are on the same corner, Van Horne and also Victoria. Me I recommend those I tried, Papa Filipino restaurant on Victoria is the top because is a huge and pretty place. Bahay Kubo is a small place but is good.If u want a buffet go Pearl of Manila maybe, go and see.

        Good Lunch.

        1. Did a take-out from Bahay Kubo last night after work (around 530pm) and I must say that I was not too impressed. I tried the pork adobo (not bad, a little sweet for my tastes), pinakbet (again, not bad, very basic dish but all the expected flavours were present) and diniguan (this was especially disappointing as it was too bland, could have used a bit more vinegar and salt) and a pork siopao, which was very good.

          I'd like to give this place another chance around lunch time and also try some of the deserts and baked goods.

          1. Unfortunately I have not found a really good Filipino restaurant here in Montréal. Different regions have different recipes even with the simplest dish which is adobo. Some make it too sweet, some too sour, mostly too oily! Growing up in Manila, my mom who is Ilonga and my dad a Kapampangan, the food we had at home was one special concoction! Anyone who wants to try Filipino food, it is always safe to order fried noodles and rolls. At Papa's on Victoria, they serve a decent selection of dishes. Bahay Kubo is a convenient place to go to, but I personally would just order snacks or what we call "merienda" in Tagalog. It's something we eat around 3pm right after our siesta (nap time).

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            1. re: femmepinay

              This thread is five years old so you might find some more current suggestions in newer ones. For example, have you tried TK Restobar? I went there with a group and we all liked it quite a lot. Not strictly Filipino cooking, some hybrid and pan-Asian stuff too.


              1. re: kpzoo

                I agree with Kpzoo TK might be the Resto that breaks the rule that there are no good Filipino Restos in Montreal.It is a contempory look to Filipino food not Mama's comfort

                1. re: kpzoo

                  TK is one of my favorite restaurants in town overall. They have a mix of a lot of foods but usually a steady pinoy menu on the wall too. always been good!