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Mar 8, 2008 09:21 AM

Best place to buy Organic Chickens in Montreal?

Having watched a show on French TV here in Quebec recently on how they give antibiotics to chickens in the egg even while unborn to speed up the growth process I am convinced to purchase my own organic whole chickens and prepare meals myself. Does anyone know where to purchase organic chickens. i.e. chickens raised without antibiotics?

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  1. There are a a few organic butchers on the second floor of the Atwater market, they tend to be pricey, even for organic stuff, but it's a good place to start.

    My provigo carries some organic chickens, and I would guess that most lablaws do.

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      Really? Organic chicken at Provigo? Do you remember from which farm? Or are you talking about the naturally raised stuff?

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        I've seen them in grocery stores, too. I think it really depends whether there is local demand for it. For some odd reason my local Metro stocks lots of rare meat and offal, but no organic meat. The IGA in my old hood had organic chickens and game meat, but not much offal. YMMV.

    2. Not hundred percent sure that they are raised organic (you can perhaps call them to check), but poultry from Fernando (116, rue Roy) are all Quebec raised and taste much better (and much like chicken) than conventional chicken.

        1. Les Fermes St-Vincent, the organic butchers at Jean Talon and Atwater markets, are the best I've found at the retail level; be prepared to pay a bundle, however. ExoFruits on Côte-des-Neiges and Supermarché PA (at least the store on Park Ave.) also sell organic birds (I don't recall the producer).

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            Prince noir at JTM also sells some for 9.90 a kg if I remember correctly. I just bought and ate one this weekend and it was especially good. (My first organic chicken) I was just amazed to see how normal its proportions were compared to "regular" chicken. It had wings with actual meat on it and the breast didn't look like it had been blown up. My wallet won't like me but I think it'll be organic chicken for me from now on.

          2. Boucherie Westmount in NDG has some organic free range chickens sometimes, call and ask Tony if he has some, if he doesn't he will get them in for you. Prices are ok, not cheap but not totally overpriced either. He has also started getting in more special poultry like quail, goose, fully smoked turkey and capons.

            5207, Sherbrooke/Marlowe