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Mar 8, 2008 09:15 AM

Taqueria Guerrero (Sunset Park) -- CLOSED?

Sietsema wrote an ecstatic review of this place in the latest Village Voice. Rich, spicy moles exploding with flavor, a new one every day. So yesterday afternoon I made the trek to Sunset Park. First I phoned the place. I got a recording; disconnected, said the sprightly robot. Not a good sign. But I went anyway. Only to find the place closed, covered by a metal grate. Their day off? Unlikely, it was Friday. Maybe they are closed only for a few days. But before you check it out, phone or risk disappointment.

39-19 Fourth Av (718) 853-5403

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  1. I, too, went by there yesterday to find it closed with the gate down. This was at lunchtime - perhaps they're dinner only?

    I did end up back at Ba Xuyen and had an excellent meatball banh mi, so no loss.

    1. i wish i'd seen this thread before i headed out today. we drove by after doing some shopping at rossman farms, and as both of you say the place was gated (plus the door appeared to be papered over). we had already enjoyed a great meal earlier in the day at taco santana (on keap & broadway in williamsburg), so it wasn't a disaster. still, we'd been looking forward to trying it.

      1. I noticed the same thing last week when I went to Eclipse. Thought that they might be closed on Sundays. Wonder if the review caused trouble for something...

        1. I tried to go in the torrential rain of Saturday and they were closed then as well. Hugely disappointed. If part of your reason for going there was to sample the cecina, I recommend Tacos Ricos on 51st and 5th...

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            I had an unbelievable egg and chorizo torta at Ricos last week.

          2. forgot to mention - we ended up grabbing a snack of tamales (red mole with pork and cheese with green sauce ) from don paco lopez panaderia on 4th ave at 47th st. both were excellent.