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Must Eats - West Hartford, CT - 24-Hour Stay

Going to be in the vicinity of West Hartford, CT for about 24 hours. Seeking your suggestions on must eats for anything (and everything) from the greasy hole-in-the-wall that's been there since you can ever remember to the bakery that always seems to have a line out the door to the places that only locals know about (and want to keep to themselves.) Dine-In, Take-out, Pack-and-Ship, its all good.You get the idea. Looking forward to hearing your responses. Thanks for your assistance.

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  1. Well, I'm not sure its exactly what you have in mind, because its no secret and its not inexpensive, but to me Grants is the best in the area. Consistently excellent quality in my opinion. Lots of options for you in WH, though. I'm sure you will get plenty of suggestions.

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      I second Grants...also its sister restaurant Bricco for Italian. If you're looking for a Jewish deli lunch, the Crown Market makes great sandwiches (corned beef, pastrami, tongue, etc) to go. Middle eastern food: Go to Mediza.

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        The riggatoni at Bricco with the italian sausage, peas, tomato cream sauce, etc. is one of the best things I have ever eaten in CT. They have had the same dish at Max-a-mia for years (Penne ala buterra) and I thought THAT was good. Then I tried the Bricco. Wowser!

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        I just wanted to add a plug here for Bricco. Having eaten at both Grant's and Bricco recently, I must say that I much prefer Bricco. We had a damn-near perfect early dinner there the other day. The quality of every item, from the bread and olives (the olives tasted as though they might be house-cured), to an amazing heirloom tomato salad, light and tender calamari, and all entrees--I opted for the glazed salmon cooked on cedar, which was absolutely delicious--were just impeccable. An exceedingly well-run kitchen and dining room. Loved it.

      3. Tangiers (668 Farmington Ave.) for falafel.
        Aby's Bakery (765 Farmington) for churros.
        Tapas (1150 New Britain Avenue). www.tapasonline.com
        Shish-Kebab House on LaSalle.

        1. plan b for the east coast burger (burger topped with roasted tomato, fried onion, horseradish cream & lobster meat) and either truffle chive fries or green fries.. and great local microbrews.

          138 park road
          west hartford

          1. Tapas (1150 New Britan Ave) has a Greek salad that is outrageously good. Their lamburger platter will do it for you!


            1. Monte Alban on Farmington Ave for beef cheek and tongue tacos

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                I really enjoy Monte Alban- their mole is complex (try the Enchiladas Oaxaquenas), portions are more than generous and service is very friendly. Also, although far from a hole in the wall or local treat I do always enjoy the raw bar items from Max Oyster. Let us know what you decided!

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                  I third Monte Alban. Stuffed Pancakes at Mo's Midtown (Farmington Ave., Hartford) are awesome too.

                  Monte Alban Restaurant
                  529 Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT 06105

                2. I've gotta recommend a few things too...but my fellow c'hounds really have covered many of the places and foods I would've recommended too.
                  Park Lane Pizza on the corner of Park Road and South Quaker. I'm a native of the area and I swear that if I ever moved from CT, PLP would be my first stop when back in town. It's good...greek...cut with square middle pieces...perfectly browned on the top. It's amazing.
                  I'd also recommend the Quaker Diner for a solid breakfast and for something fun and possibly lunch, try Tastease on New Park Avenue. They have killer tiny donuts and a cuban pork sandwich which I've not personally tried but I've heard it's delicious.

                  you should post back with the places you got to try!

                  1. the only thing i miss about hartford is the food!

                    anyway these were all mentioned but i wanted to second their recommendations:
                    - beef tongue and beef cheek tacos at monte albans (lengua and barbacoa).. they are really delicious.. but stay away from puerto vallarta. you might want to go there cause it seems like a lot of people go there, but really its not worth it. it's just mexican food with tons of cheese on top. go to monte albans instead
                    - a gyro at tangiers. really outstanding
                    - Shish Kabob House in west hartford center. get the beef tenderloin kabobs with some spinach rice and the eggplant side. it's amazing. the eggplant is creamy and tangy. the kabobs are smokey and flavorful. i have yet to find and afghani place elsewhere and im craving it!

                    this is an additional rec:
                    - brazil pizza and grill on park st. it's a brazilian charascuria (sp?) that is cafetaria style. the side dishes arent that good but the meats cooking on the firespit are amazing. make sure you tell them "red" when they're slicing up the meat for you so you can get the medium rare pieces and not the super cooked parts.
                    - if you're adventurous/with a lot of people/packing heat, i'd suggest goign to frog hollow to any of the puerto rican restaurants and getting some mofongo (a delicious concoction of mashed plantains and meats).. i say this because i was kinda harassed when i was at the mercado for lunch once. it was kinda scary!

                    happy eating!

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                      great suggestions so far. For breakfast I'd venture a few blocks over the line into Hartford to hit Mo's Midtown. Grab some donuts from Elmwood Pastry and if you want a sandwich to go hit Hall's Market on Park Rd. Inexpensive Indian take out from Cosmos on Farmington Ave.

                    2. Taste of India has a good buffet, Szechuan Tokyo for good Japanese and Chinese, and East West Grille for great Thai.

                      1. Tangiers Middle Eastern Farmington Av, W Hartfard. Wife, sis-in-law and myself just had lunch there the other week. The genuine article. I had stuffed eggplant with beef over rice. Pungent, aromatic, yum. Tried my wife's falafel, crisp on outside spicy on the inside. Smooth tahini. Harif and hummus optional. A half a dozen different kinds of string cheese. Same number of feta cheeses. Many other delicacies. Family owned and run. The matriarch's recipes are available in a cookbook for sale. Stands up to Sahadis' or any store on Atlantic Av in Brooklyn. AMAZING! Like a souk in W. Hartford.

                        1. I've tried, but I just can't fall in love with Tangiers. They are so nice and courteous there! I've given it multiple chances! But the falafel is just.... ok. And a sandwich is expensive. And small. For over $6.

                          My hole-in-the-wall, locals-only joint is definitely Cosmos International up the street. It is some of the best Indian I've ever had. And it's cheap - a huge lunch or dinner combo plate for $4.99. Or a dinner-plate size dosa + sambar for $3.49 at lunch time. It also sells individual sweets by the pound, brought in from NYC. Cheap spices and produce as well. Again, something that can't be said for Tangiers.

                          Bricco's is nice, too. The food is on the good end of typical Italian-American fare, but the desserts really shine. I mean, the best I've ever had. Anywhere.

                          Well, the banana napoleon dessert at Elbow Room is a contender. The rest of their food is forgettable; that dessert is not.

                          Other must-eats in the metro-Hartford area? Nothing I've found. And I've been here since 2002.

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                            I just got back from lunch at tangiers today and I totally agreee with RachelESQ. I walked out of there feeling like I was totally ripped off. The menu does not show prices. I ordered a kefta kebob sandwich and one small meat pie. The sandwich was decent and came with no sides. When i went to pay th ebill it came to almost $13. That is absolute robbery for what I got. If I am going to pay that much for lunch I might as well go somewhere nice for the same price or even less. this place is a complete ripoff. I remembered feeling so the last time I went but was in the area and thought I would try it one more time. Not again! Back to Tapas!

                          2. Had a nice selection of tapas at Barcelona a few months ago.