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Mar 8, 2008 08:41 AM


How is this place? Ive heard so many mixed reviews. Id like to go there but I dont want to waste my time either.

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    1. Tried it once for lunch and found the food mediocore (had a hamburger). Do think you should try it though to experience the view of Boston; like no place else I can think of.

      Probably would not go back unless we were entertaining tourist and wanted to show them the vista.

      1. the best way i can sum it up: my parent's love it. if you are in your early-60s and think the Olive Garden is fine dining, this is your kind of place.

        the couple times i have been there the service has been of the overly friendly/phony variety and the food is uninspired/bland. there are plenty of better establishments in the area. fat cat or alba have a similar vibe but better food.

          1. re: jjbourgeois

            Ditto, although I do know people who have had good food there. I'm not one of them. :-b

          2. We went with a large group on a Saturday night. Service was good considering how busy the place was. I will say that the Steak Frites was well received, as was the shrimp cocktail. The pastas weren't too hot, and the filet mignon was the size of a steak tip. My advice for this place is to go for drinks and apps, as the view of Boston skyline is wonderful. We'll probably go back in the warmer weather for just such an evening.