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Mar 8, 2008 08:39 AM

Looking for Fun and Food in Kent, Litchfield, Goshen...

We are traveling from SF to Goshen CT this summer (late June through July 4). I am looking for restaurants, farmer's markets, places to go and fun things to do in that area. We went to a fair in Kent some years back, but I am not sure what month that happens in or if they still have it. Any suggestions would really help.

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  1. Kent Falls State Park is a good walk/hike up around the falls and a nice picnic area.

    1. I am not quite sure how far this will be for you but last summer we drove up to Harney & Sons, a wonderful tea shop, and had sinner at I believe it was The Blue Room in Litchfield. Harney & Sons has a tea tasting room and if you love tea it is a worthwhile trip. The Blue Room was great. White Flower Farm is near there, a destination!

      1. For very good Italian food don't miss the Venetian on East Main St. in Torrington. This place has been there since I was a kid and that is over 60 years ago so they must be doing something right and during all this time the same family has owned it. The main dining room has some wonderful old Italian style murals on the walls which gives the place a real "retro" type of atmosphere too. There is something on menu for all ages but my Mom's all time favorite was their homemade Cheese Manicotti.

        1. That is a beautiful area!

          Bohemian Pizza in Litchfield has a decent pie and an interesting artsy/roadhouse atmosphere. More upscale places in Litchfield that I haven't tried but I hear good things about are La Cupola Ristorante and the West Street Grill.

          Berkshire cafe in Torrington has great pizza and an old school vibe.

          Good News Cafe in Woodbury gets mixed reviews on this board but I have really enjoyed the food there.

          It isn't a bad drive into New York City for a day trip. You could also take the train.

          Another nice way to spend an afternoon is to make a picnic and drive up to Tanglewood in Lenox, Mass. Enjoy the view of the Berkshire hills and listen to the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

          Do a search for posts by magnumwino, he is the expert for that part of CT.

          1. in Goshen - Nodine's Smokehouse... take out and retail, locally smoked BLT ever..then go to Action Wildlife

            in Kent - Belgique Pattisserie...wonderful locally made chocolates..then go next door to RT Facts..Architectural Salvage

            in Bantam/Litchfield..Bantam Bread... P/U lunch, then go for a hike at White Memorial Foundation and a swim in Bantam Lake

            in Litchfield - dinner at West St Grill....(ask here about local farm stands also).....after going to White Flower Farm

            a little further- in New Preston - drinks and an elegant dinner at the Boulders Inn on Lake Waramaug...NOT Hopkins Inn across the way...unless you want old style German food...


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              Wow! Thank you! This is very helpful.