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Mar 8, 2008 08:35 AM

Raphael's in Providence Closed

I went to my wine tasting class at Citron on Wednesday and noticed that Raphael's was dark. I asked the manager of Citron what was going on and he said Raphael's closed on Monday (3-3-08)... Does anyone have any more information? I never actually went there, but it always looked fairly busy....

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  1. Not sure about Raphael's but Ruth Chris is Providence is offering some good specials I hear just to try to stay afloat in the area.

    1. We used to go to Raphael's all the time years ago. We loved it. The last time we went, which was about 5 years ago, the food was pretty horrible, I had to send my dish back twice. Our dining friend had scallops that were raw in the middle. My husband mentioned it to the manager and she pretty much said, "Oh." We have not been back since. It is funny because I never read about Raphaels, no one on this board ever mentions it, I never run in to anyone who actually goes there. It is definately not an inexpensive restaurant but you do have to get someting for what you pay for, especially nowadays. So, with that being said, I guess I am not surprised that Raphael's closed.
      I wonder about Ruth Chris's latest commercials offering deals, I have not been but I heard it is pretty pricey there.

      1. jenluxy, oddly enough, there is a story about why they closed in todays PROJO. Raphael's is a casuality of the economy. They were very slow and bills mounted up forcing them to close. The day before there was a story about Giros in wakefield closing for the same reason. When money is tight, eating out at restaurants becomes an unaffordable luxury. Forums such as Chowhound are badly needed to encourage people to go out to eat at restaurants and to try new ones. The restaurant industry is taking a major hit during this recession. And there will be more stories like Raphael's to come.

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          I was really sorry to hear about Giro's closing. When I went to URI (40 years ago) we used to get a pitcher of beer and a pizza, and spend the entire evening there with friends. Now, with tighter liquor laws, URI students can't go to restaurants like that and drink moderately. Instead they get blasted at home parties in Bonnet Shores. I'm quite certain the alcohol consumption is higher now.

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            Raphaels had been a favorite for my wife and I for over fifteen years, ever since we first ate at their location in East Greenwich. One of my best friends married the sister of the owner. It had started to slide though, our last visit about two years ago was surprisingly dissappointing. It is a shame, the Conti's were one of the pioneer's of the Gourmet scene in providence back in the late 80's...

            1. re: Sean

              Wasn't it first located where Farenheit is now? back in the mid-90's?

              1. re: sandman00000

                It moved from the location over near J&W in the mid 90's to EG and then to it's current location, although the EG location may have been operting the same time as the original much like Siena is now operating at the EG site as well as in Providence.