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Mar 8, 2008 08:00 AM

brunch at Olivia's At Fifty Three

My wife and I are big fans of the restaurant and we heard they were doing Sunday brunch. We recently went to taste the goods with a few friends. It's in our neighborhood, so that made it easy...
You never know what to expect from a dinner restaurant doing brunch as we can attest to from numerous experiences in this city. However, we were very happy with the food and service. The brunch food remains at a consistant quality with the restaurant's dinner fare; somewhat exotic, very delicate, delicious in every respect, and wholesome, (for the most part) natural ingredients.
We had to do their micro-winery wines to accompany the food, even though it was only 1pm, but we couldn't resist.
My wife and I weren't too hungry, so we shared the club on freshly made multi grain bread. Mmmmm. Grilled back bacon, roasted tomato aioli, and a pomegranate molasses grilled capon breast. Fantastic! Our guests had a traditional crepe bretonne, which is a buckwheat deal wrapped in a sauteed vegetables with goat milk feta. And finally, a brunch place with good croissants! We were blown away by the croissants on our guests' 'plate' order, which was membrillo (!), daily cheese selections, fresh fruit and croissant. Of course we asked how such a beautiful, fresh, flakey, rich and perfectly made croissant was found in a Toronto restaurant they told us the owners pick up fresh croissants every Sunday morning from Pain Perdue. That explains it. Toronto's best croissant bakery!
Anyway, the entire experience was up there with my best brunches in Toronto. We're planning on going back soon, so we'll keep you posted as to whether everything is consistently good!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Thank you for the great report. We will definitely try there brunch in the near future.
      Our experience at Olivia for dinner were quite exceptional: really delicious pasta, very chewy and flavourful. I especially loved my scallop appetizer.
      The only thing that bothered me from the experience is that the house white tasted a little weird...almost, smells like fridge.
      Maybe it was just the glass. In any case, our friendly staff came back with a new glass without any problem.

      1. Can you tell us the location? cross streets?

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          college and clinton. north of the cafe dip... what happened to my reply and my post ?