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Mar 8, 2008 07:56 AM

MEATPACKING DISTRICT- highline restaurant

hey guys, i was thinking of having a birthday dinner saturday night at the highline restaurant. It seems like a really cool place to have it, but i just want to know how the area is. I've never been to the meatpacking district, so please tell me if its a shady area, or just crowded or whatever. Do you know if its difficult to get a taxi back to penn station around like 12 am from highline? ( reviews for highline are also appreciated( how the food is, prices, atmosphere !!)

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  1. Hi all--just a reminder to keep your discussion focused on food suggestions at Highline. The character of an area and transportation to and from are off topic on this board. Thanks!

    1. Highline is a great place to have a birthday dinner. The food, which is Thai-ish, is good and not overly expensive. The atmosphere is trendy with a cool modern design. The restaurant is located in the popular meat packing district amongst a bunch of other high-end trendy restaurants and boutiques. The drink selections are terrific too and while it has been a couple of years since I've been there, the service was very good - quite surprising for a trendy place.

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        Another you might want to consider is Ono.

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          I have to second the above opinion. My friend had a birthday party there last year and it was a fantastic time. Food is good if you know what to order. But where they fall, it's only because the dishes are mediocre compared to where they shine. Drinks are great and made to your specifications (e.g. Splenda instead of simple syrup).

        2. atmosphere is decent and probably a decent place to have drinks and a bday party, but the food is absolutely of the worst meals i've had in the city (thai or otherwise)

          i'm not a huge fan of most of the restaurants in the area for their food (drinks and hanging out are good though)...try morimoto which i think is one of the few decent restaurants in the area

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            yea i really hope the atmosphere is good? do you know if there is dancing there in addition to dinner? i heard there's dessert on beds upstairs...?

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              yeah its a reasonable nice place and it's got a reasonably cool vibe...i dont know about upstairs (haven't been upstairs), there maybe dancing

              there are a ton of clubs and bars in the area (off top of my head, PM, Cielo and Tenjune all have dancing and are within a block of it) although if u may want to make reservations for a table or definitely plan ahead if ure going to any of the places around there (not sure what your budget is, how many people ure with, ratio of girls / guys)

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                  Atmosphere is great and not too expensive for that neighborhood. There are indeed "beds" upstairs, but your choices are not limited to just dessert there. There *can* be dancing downstairs if you choose. We chose. And we had fun.

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                    thanks so much! you guys all really helped me!!