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Mar 8, 2008 07:52 AM

Duckfat french fries

just got back from portland and cant get those fries out of my head,is this the best thing in the world or what???Portland is an awesome place to go and feast!!Lots of great local beer too.cant wait for our next trip up there,,,,,

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  1. Duck Fat's Poutine with the duck fat frites, local farm cheese curds, and duck gravy are pretty damn good. I've woken up from dreams about it several times.

    I get duck fat from Hudson Valley Foie Gras in NY and fry with it all the time.

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      You've got an Amen! from me about the Poutine! The fries themselves are great, but the poutine is ridiculously good. I really need to limit myself to once a month, but it's not easy.

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        FYI - If you are local to West Haven, CT Bella Bella Gourmet produces rendered duck fat.

        1. re: amby48

          West Haven store burned. They are consolidated in the Hamden location.
          Sells fresh chickens, rendered duck fat. ducks, foie gras from local farms farms in Sullivan County, NY.

          I know it says West Haven on their site but the # gets you the Hamden store.
          Has anyone bought their fresh fowl products?

      2. makes me think of these fries:

        i'll be there in two weeks.. can't wait!

        1. yes your right every time in Portland its a must call, to stop and get some

          1. Long time lurker, first time poster.

            We went to Duckfat for the first time this weekend and were blown away. My wife has family in the Portland area, and we love Hugo's (despite the haters), but hadn't gotten to Duckfat until yesterday. Wow! the poutine was fabulous, the fries indescribable. I may never be able to eat ketchup without truffle oil again. THe lim/mint soda was fab, as well as the churros and beignets. The duck confir panini, also a winner. We rolled out fat and happy. Can't wait to go back!

            1. The only thing that can improve on DF is getting THE MOST MOIST cupkakes from accross the street at Fat Cats Bakery!

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                We walked by Fat Cats on our way back to our car, but at that point we were having trouble walking from all the food. We'll need to check them out next time we're in Portland, as the wife loves some cupcakes!