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Mar 8, 2008 07:46 AM

Special lunch with an older woman

My daughter and I will be staying with a family friend in New York. We would like to take her to a wonderful lunch. I think her health may prevent her from going out at night, so I thought lunch would be the best idea. She's an elderly (80s) wealthy woman who has lived in New York most of her life. We really want it to be very special. We're thinking of Jean George or L'Atelier. Any ideas or suggestions?

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  1. Jean Georges is a great idea. I haven't been to L'Atelier.

    1. Jean Georges is wonderful and the lunch is one of the great bargains. I would highly recommend it.

      1. Check this posting.
        I go out often with a few senior NY'ers, all fairly sophisticated figures from theater and the arts from NY's heyday. One was in the original Mercury Theater with Orson Welles. I recommend quieter, more sedate venues that have been around forever. I fastidiously avoid loud scene places. There is so much to glean from really conversing with some of our older statesmen, and they tend, (at least some of my friends in that age bracket and some way younger) to clam up in loud places where they have to shout. Remember, they came up in a much more civilized New York. I love going to places like Sardi's or some of the old world French boites that have survived the nouveau cuisine trend. My older friends are as horrified as I at places where you pay huge sumes for a whisper of food that doesn't even resemble a full meal.At Sardi's, one friend has his table, his waiter.The food is not amazing, but the history and the ghosts are. When I used to go to The Players Club with one friend of my parents. it was like the same party had been going on for 60 years! For my part, Jean George lost me at "raisin/ caper emulsion". I'd ask her about a place she has enjoyed consistently over time.

        1. Although personally I like L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon more, I think Jean George is better for elderly because it is more elegant in settings and quieter at lunch. If you can't get a reservation at Jean George, I will also recommend Eleven Madison Park for lunch. When I was there last time the staff was extremely attentive to a older woman there, and even open up the walkway for her during her entrance and exit (not that they made a scene but they were very nice to clear up the way so she could walk without bumping into people). I think it is easier to get a reservation at EMP at lunch than JG, and food is good at both.

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            Four Seasons is always elegant and La Grenouille is so beautiful.