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How have/did your eating preferences change when pregnant?

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At first I just wanted meat and fat. Now I'm completely off coffee, pieces of meat, buttery cheeses, but ok with cream cheese or sour cream. No thank you to bitter vegetables,which I normally love. I've definitely got more of a sweet tooth, and my apple consumption has increased as well as fruit yoghurts and juice which I didn't like before.
Last night all I wanted was a korean seafood pancake, which I drove 20min to get.
I think it's kind of amusing, I'm wondering what other people got turned off to and started to like while pregnant. I'm not in the "pickles and peanut butter" or equivalent stage, is that 3rd trimester?

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  1. Normally I loved rich sauces, etc but while pregnant preferred plain food and had a craving for cole slaw. I never had morning sickness but I tended to lose my appetite at supper time. Best wishes to you for a happy and healthy baby!

    1. I'm not sure where the pickle thing came from, everyone has different cravings. I was turned off by broccoli and by big dense chicken breasts, had to have it diced or shredded in small quantities. But I could eat an entire bowl of fruit salad. And once I absolutely had to have a tuna noodle casserole (with potato chip topping!) which I have never made before or since.

      1. Coudn't stand beef of any sort. Could barely handle or cook either. Never like tomatoes or tomato soup until I got pregnant. My only real cravings were Cocoa Puffs cereal. Can't stand it now

        1. I loved strong flavors but I could not tolerate those same smells when I was pregnant. I lived on a lot of carbohydrate laden comfort foods and soups for the first few months. I do not remember craving pickles and ice cream, but I did develop a ravishing sweet tooth the during the 3rd trimester.


          1. I liked everything so spicy it almost hurt, and craved Kentucky Fried Chicken mashed potatoes and gravy for about 6 months of my pregnancies. And before I was pregnant, I'd probably only had KFC maybe twice. So where that craving came from, I'll never know.

            1. Not my own experience, just an odd anecdote: The women in my family tend to get pica when they're pregnant. My mom, grandma, and aunt all craved dirt.

              1. I could eat nothing bitter, drink nothing with caffiene (the taste bothered me) and had a disgusting need to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yuck, normally. I wanted a lot of vegetables and fruit, but nothing with a bitter note. No brocolli, or cabbage. Lots of non bitter greens.

                1. i hated the smell/taste of anything red meat related. it was awful. i craved spicy food and tabasco/sirancha like a crazy person. the only weird things i would crave, were this weird turkey sandwich with mustard, on a blueberry bagel...and garlic pickle juice, not the pickles themselves. it was awful. nobody wanted to be around me the last leg of my pregnancy. if i didn't smell like garlic, i smelled like mustard. haha Cheers to you, and i hope you and the baby stay healthy and safe :)

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                    OH, and the heartburn. omg. if i even looked at orange juice, or i got the worst heartburn. she had a full head of hair when she was born though.

                  2. in the begining - strong smells sent me out the door, Garbage, meat, fish, even dog food which i give to my dog every day gave me problems. -I'm a vegetarian. Veggies that i normally love such as brocolli and cauliflower, i can only eat if there is some kind of rich sauce on them,,,and forget about salads with raw veggies. For a brief time i could eat baby carrots, and that had to stop too

                    i do have an insane sweet tooth, and its been hard for me to make sure i don't eat too much - especially chocolate, which im really careful about. Canned fruit and frozen blueberries work well, as does dried papya for some reason. Luna bars, which have more nutrition than a regular candy bar are a good snack.

                    (i'm with twins, so i need to get as many calories as i can- its hard for me to eat so much)

                    My other random craving has been shamrock shakes and bean burritos from taco bell. (which i can't eat anymore due to serious hartburn these days)

                    i do eat a lot of PB&J and yogurt -because most of the time these days, its the only thing i can eat.

                    Good luck, and take your vitamins!

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                      I lost my sweet tooth almost completely and it took months after the baby was born for it to return to pre-pregnancy levels. One exception to that was frozen yogurt. I was pregnant over the summer and almost every afternoon announced that the baby wanted frozen yogurt and went to the place around the corner from my office. Otherwise, I can sort of take or leave it.

                      I acquired a taste for Boca Burgers that has stayed with me, specifically on a toasted English muffin with mustard, ketchup and slices of pickled jalapeno. It satisfied a protein craving when other proteins weren't particularly appealing.

                      Best wishes for a great pregnancy and a happy and healthy baby.

                    2. I became a cheese-aholic. My garlic-lust increased 10 fold (and never decreased afterward). I craved horseradish.. ate it on nearly everything.. like brown rice with cheddar cheese and horseradish. I completely lost my sweet tooth but developed a craving for salty crunchy things. Thankfully I also craved water. All of this added up to a big healthy kid! May your's be strong, healthy, and sleepy when the sun goes down!

                      1. Like a lot of people I couldn't stand the smell of broccoli cooking- it took years before I could really eat it again. I used to love liver - I made it one night thinking I was doing myself and the baby a big favor. That was 25 years ago and I haven't had it since! The day after my first child was born I made my husband get me a chocolate milkshake and an eggroll. I had been craving that for so long but on a low salt diet. It tasted GREAT!

                        1. I've been a coffee drinker my whole life, but couldn't face it when I was pregnant. Also, I was teaching in a summer program where we were supposed to eat lunch with the kids. I couldn't face anything they served, and got myself excused. I had a tuna salad sandwich and tomato juice for lunch every day that I worked. And there was an east coast type deli in town that had babka. Babka has always reminded me of my grandmother, and I've always loved it, but the summer of my second trimester it became a total obsession. I think the whole flood of hormones just changes everything in your body and that's reflected in your appetite (and I think the pickle thing is about salt). Anyway, I hope you have a comfortable pregnancy and a happy, healthy baby!

                          1. During my first pregnancy I gave up on umpteen years of being a vegetarian. One night when we went out for dinner I saw roast chicken on the menu and had to have it. During my second pregnancy I didn't want meat or fish. I would also get cravings for sweets (usually ice cream) while at the grocery store, but by the time I got home I would reconsider and only have a taste of whatever I'd bought. When I mentioned this to my husband, he said "oh, so that's why we have 6 partially-eaten cartons of ice cream in the freezer."

                            1. Someone mentioned spices. I used to love hot food. REALLY HOT. I could drink Inner Beauty hot sauce. Not anymore. Since Herne and JJ came along hot food is painful to me and I'm talking a Taco Bell salad of doom (1200 calories). I am trying to build my tolerance back, but it's taking forever. I am really upset by this. It happened during my first pregnancy, but with JJ it was really bad.

                              1. I think I lived on eggs, tomatoes, and cottage cheese for the last two months of my pregnancy. And although I still love tomatoes, nothing will ever compare to how wonderful they tasted July-Aug. 2004. I kind of miss my heightened sense of taste for some foods, they'll always be a little disappointing now.
                                I will not miss gagging on fish in a restaurant (1st trimester) when I unfortunately ordered it before I realized that it was simply impossible to consume it at that point. (yes, I had to spit it into my napkin, and no, I really didn't have a choice).
                                Strong odors and raw food were pretty rough...but toothpaste was the only thing that actually made me throw up.

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                                  I was living in Guatemala at the time and had HUGE cravings for coffee ice cream and milkshakes and it was very, very hard to find. Come to find out, my Mom had the same cravings during her pregnancy with me.

                                  I also developed a strong aversion to chicken and pork, and to this day, have trouble facing it. I was never a spicy person but when I got pregnant, I couldn't get enough.

                                  I lived on tortillas with refried black beans for a long time as it was the only thing I could tolerate. The tortilla lady knew to knock on our door every morning!!

                                2. I had the oddest cravings for jalapenos (I seriously put them on practically everything). I also violently needed eggnog ice cream (which I hadn't even eaten since I was a kid). I was bizarre

                                  1. The first time round, I went off coffee and red wine. I craved mango and these pastrami sandwiches from Pret A Manger. I started eating more red meat. (Funny, each of these could be interpreted as my body telling me what I needed/didn't need.)

                                    The second time, I was into watermelon in a big way. And I totally went off grilled chicken. I still can't stand grilled boneless skinless breast of chicken.

                                    1. 1st time around, I have morning sickness the whole 10 months (yep, thats right) i carried him. But had to have my baskin robbins black cherry ice cream. Even took to work for breakfast. And I could down a whole loaf of bread by making cinnamon toast in the oven. Couldnt get enuf mayo either. Now, I hate mayo, but still love other 2 things. The 2nd time, morning sickness the whole time, on $25.00 worth of meds a day, still sic, couldnt even open cat food. Didn't even eat, drank milk shakes the whole time, and lost 80 lbs with her. Couldnt even tell I was pg. Thank God for Mama, cause she took care of 1st one every day (only 8 1/2 months this time). Kids are now 25 & 26 1/2 and 26 yr old hates mayo.

                                      1. I would crave something very specific for hours and then when I finally had it in front of me, would be repulsed. it got very expensive and wasteful. Towards the end of my most recent pregnancy, all I wanted was cold cereal, the sweeter the better. And grapefruit or anything tart. Fresca, lime and lemons straight up. While I was nursing, I craved spices probably because the baby couldn't tolerate them therefore i couldn't have it.

                                        1. I have never had a sweet tooth, but when I was pregnant the first time I craved mint chocolate chip ice cream like crazy (and I generally don't like ice cream AT ALL), and the second time I craved blueberry pie. I used to send my husband out at 10 pm for blueberry pie all the time. Funnily enough, my 1st child LOVES mint chocolate chip icrecream and my second can eat blueberries by the bucket!

                                          I also could not eat any kind of chicken either time, it totally grossed me out. I loved all other meats though. And tunafish sandwiches with pickles. I haven't eaten one since.

                                          Best of luck to you! Make sure you keep a journal of every little oddity, you'll love looking back later!

                                          1. i didn't really have any cravings while i was pregnant. i ate a TON of fruit in the 1st trimester, more because it suddenly tasted so incredibly good than me rather actually craving it. sweets didn't taste that good.

                                            i avoided all caffeine and alcohol, and the fish like they tell you to (though i did break down and have canned tuna a few times). took all my vitamins like a good girl.

                                            i pretty much ignored the advice on cheeses; i don't like super raw cheeses anyways so wasn't into those, but things like brie and feta i still ate... i figured what we can buy in a supermarket is pretty processed anyways so there really wasn't a true concern with those.

                                            POST pregnancy i had to give up ALL dairy for about 3 1/2 months... caused major digestive issues in my son. :( it was tough, because it turns out i eat a TON of dairy, but seeing how much better it made him immediately (went from screamy cry-y super in pain and can't pass gas baby 24/7 to happy smiley baby) made it a lot easier. luckily he's over it so i'm back on the dairy, woohoo! however, i really credit my not eating dairy + breastfeeding to my ability to lose 97% of the baby weight and fit back into my normal pants within 3 months, so, bonus.

                                            1. I always knew I was pregnant before I could test because my sense of smell would go into overdrive. Any processed meats (kielbassa, salami, whatever...didn't matter) had to be kept in a tupperware container in the deli drawer otherwise I'd want to lose my lunch when I opened the fridge.

                                              I can remember craving fresh fruit salads (there was a lunch spot near the office that made the best salads and sandwiches). I can also remember DH getting into the habit of calling before he came home to see if there was anything I wanted at the store so he wouldn't have to head out later and get the ice cream/fruit/bread I was craving lol... never craved pickles and ice cream though.

                                              Congratulations fara & Best Wishes for a healthy and happy baby :)

                                              1. My big issues were temperature ones. I needed things to be either really, really cold or really, really hot. My earliest "crazy pregnant lady" moment came when I started crying to my husband because even though my chocolate milk was half frozen it wasn't cold enough. I also started eating frozen corn by the bagful, which is not something I'd done before (nor have I done since).

                                                I never craved pickles, but I would fantasize about a tall glass of ice cold pickle juice. I never did it (probably good since I suffer from hypertension), but man, the craving would get so intense I almost couldn't handle it.

                                                1. Laughing about the "crazy lady moment." Mine was on a British Airways flight to London when I wept when they ran out of the chicken option.

                                                  During my first pregnancy I couldn't get enough kimchi chigae once the morning sickness subsided. During the second, I NEEDED frosted strawberry pop tarts.

                                                  1. The cravings prego women get are so bizarre. Noone in their right mind would normally never think of those things and here it takes us mommies to be to come up with the stuff. Would even make the most rock gut person think twice and lose their lunch!!!

                                                    1. I was pretty un-crazy. The only two things, really, were that potatoes tasted REALLY REALLY good, and Thai food tasted like furniture polish - bleah. This was a little unfortunate because my husband had just started to get very interested in cooking Thai. There were a couple of times in the first tri, before we were telling people and before we had quite figured out what the offending ingredient was, where I wound up staring down a bowl of squid that tasted like Lemon Pledge. But I was fortunate that it didn't make me want to heave or anything.

                                                      Oh yes, the heartburn. Starting with 2nd trimester, noooooo tomato. And no kaddo bowrani. None of the ingredients was a problem on its own, but somehow all together it was a delicious stomach bomb.

                                                      1. huge odor sensitivity developed early so not only did I not eat garlic, my poor husband couldn't have caesar salad while I was expecting... but I went from an occasional chicken or fish eater to craving red meat in a huge way. The spouse gave up asking what I wanted for dinner and just started pulling over at the steak house near our home when we were on the way by... and egg salad.. I always liked it but while I was pregnant I ate it 4 or 5 times a week... had it for lunch the day I delivered... remember barfing during transition and thinking, "wow, I guess my body knew the baby was coming early even if I didn't" because it was almost unaltered from when I had scarfed it 12 hours earlier....

                                                        hows that for TMI??

                                                        ; -)


                                                        1. Yep - at the very first I wanted nothing but meat, and then I went through a LOONG period of citrus and fruit cravings -- grapefruit soda and lemonade in particular, but I could put away strawberries like nobody's business. I went right off of many cooked vegetables (like spinach and roasted peppers in particular) and fish. I wanted everything to taste clean. I ate a lot of sesame bagels with Neufchatel cheese and sliced tomato (the tomato being key) and ALWAYS had to have a half gallon of Breyer's mint chip ice cream in the freezer (mint for the clean taste, Breyer's because it had no additives and the chocolate chips tasted like chocolate). I'm just now considering adding things like a mixed roasted veggie sandwich back into my diet (my daughter is six months old).

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                                                          1. re: Amuse Bouches

                                                            yes, everything has to taste clean for me now too. in fact, everywhere i go things smell dirty. it's very hard to find food that "clean." even fruit that is the littlest bit too ripe is a no.

                                                          2. I am approaching week 9 with my second child. The food weirdness was just until week 12 or 13 or so last time, so I am hoping it will go away soon. I actually continued vomitting occasionally until into the 5th month last time, though. These days, it is much like last time. I cannot cook much for myself or even open the fridge. I have been eating the GROSSEST foods such as Kraft macaroni and cheese from the box, just because it is bland and not smelly. I have also been craving sour sweet things. I usually choose chocolate type flavor icecream but chocolate is so unappealing to me right now. I ate Citrus-Twist recently, which is a flavor I would never ever choose on normal time. I mostly eat carbs. Ritz crackers, pita bread, toast, stuff like that. I have been drinking a lot of Lemonaide type drinks, too. I have only vomited a couple of times so far. The worse things is that it isn't just food, I can smell people, stinky people! I feel like a sniffer dog. Blegh.

                                                            I hate this and I can't wait to go back to normal. There are some new recipes I wanted to try but I won't be thinking about trying them until I am out of the rough time.

                                                            1. I really want cheese steaks and tater tots. I normally live on pickles and am totally disgusted by them at the moment.

                                                              I can't manage to eat anything right now. I'm a little over 8 weeks and literally can keep about a bagel down and nothing else.

                                                              Does anyone have any good morning sickness cures?

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                                                                re: morning sickness cures. Granny Smith apples. Someone explained to me once that there is a scientific reason why it works, but I don't remember it. But it does, big time.

                                                                Also, Peppermint tea. I used to make a big batch and stick it in my fridge and drink it all day long. It did wonders for me, cold during the day, warm for the evenings.

                                                                1. re: dagwood

                                                                  I had a miscarriage in November and was told not to drink peppermint tea or some other herbals as these may greatly increase my chances of a repeat. I did drink it during that pregnancy, so I DEFINITELY will not touch it again.

                                                                  The GS apples don't work for me. I had one Saturday thinking "sour = no getting sick."

                                                                  1. re: AlyKen

                                                                    Oh how awful! Well then definitely keep away....I wouldn't even chew gum if I were you!

                                                                    Sorry the apples didn't work....those were my tricks so I'm all out of advice :(

                                                                    Good luck!

                                                                    1. re: AlyKen

                                                                      Yeah, peppermint tea is a no-no. Have you tried eating a few raw almonds? I think that's touted more as a heartburn remedy, but it really helped my nausea. Of course, if you can't keep almonds down, I guess you're out of luck:)

                                                                  2. re: AlyKen

                                                                    I found that sipping cold ginger ale always worked for me when I was nauseous. Vernors worked well, but so did Blenheims but Canada dry didn't seem to have enough ginger in it to work. Gatorade and Pedialyte worked for my sister.

                                                                    My mom( a RN) told me that snacking on dry popcorn and dry soda crackers before you get out of bed was recommended

                                                                    1. re: Kelli2006

                                                                      Yes, ginger ale helped. I actually found that the only thing that really got rid of my nausea was gingersnaps and candied ginger.

                                                                    2. re: AlyKen

                                                                      Don't let your stomach get empty! Nibble all day long. I was like a freaking hobbit. First breakfast (brought to me in bed before I got up) was tea and toast, then second breakfast (on my way to work) was a bagel with sliced tomato.

                                                                      Unfortunately, I've had some friends with bad morning sickness and the only thing that really helped was meds -- Unisom, esp. and Zofran/Phenergan helped some.

                                                                      1. re: AlyKen

                                                                        I was going to suggest peppermint oil, but I read up above. I just know that my mom gave it to me for colic (few drops in a bottle with warm water) when I was a baby and it settled me right down. I would suggest ginger. Ginger ale, candied ginger, ginger tea, etc etc. You might try peppermint hard candy? If it persists, you can visit your doctor. There are medications that can help your nausea, or talk to a local pharmacist to see if there's something over the counter that can help that is safe for pregnant women. Pharmacists are a great resource.

                                                                      2. 10 weeks here, clearly many more to go. No morning sickness per se, but a lot of nausea, mostly related to food smells, esp. red wine (protective, I assume). I've mostly been craving comfort foods: homemade mac and cheese, lasagna, pasta, cereal, bland foods. Although I can handle spicy and nothing has totally turned me off, yet.

                                                                        1. After 2 kids my wife will no longer tolerate:

                                                                          Tunafish (used to eat lots)
                                                                          Fish of any kind, really
                                                                          Truffle oil (or truffels)
                                                                          Most barbecue.

                                                                          1. my eating preferences didn't change at all when I was pregnant. I was sick for a week or so after I found out I was pregnant but that was about it. I ate all the same things I did before except for things I avoided because of the associated risks to a pregnant woman (you know, raw fish, too much tuna, etc.) It actually wasn't a very long list. I also didn't find myself any hungrier than normal. I maybe grazed a little bit more than I usually do, but I also ate smaller meals.

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                                                                            1. re: flourgirl

                                                                              Did you have a girl? Supposedly nausea and eating woes are much more typical with boys, and this is not a wives' tale either -- there's some sort of medical explanation, but I've forgotten what.

                                                                              Whenever I hear these stories about pregnancy nausea I feel almost guilty that I didn't have a problem with it. But I did have heartburn during my second and third trimesters.

                                                                              1. re: jlafler

                                                                                Nope, a boy. And it's funny, because I am one of those people who expresses stress with stomach problems (as opposed to headahces for example) and if I get really sick it's almost always something like stomach "flu".

                                                                                1. re: jlafler

                                                                                  I've heard both ways: morning sickness = girl and morning sickness = boy. I think you have a 50-50 chance of being right ;-)

                                                                                  1. re: AlyKen

                                                                                    Hunh, you're right. I wonder where I got the idea that it was a real phenomenon. Sorry....

                                                                                    1. re: jlafler

                                                                                      I had always heard/read that morning sickness was more common with girl pregnancies. Called "progesterone poisoning" due to the excess amounts of progesterone in your body from a female fetus.

                                                                                      It was true in my case, at least. I was violently ill with my daughter and not at all with my son.

                                                                                      1. re: dexters

                                                                                        i had serious MS and i am having a boy!

                                                                                2. re: flourgirl

                                                                                  My eating preferences didn't change when I was pregnant either. I just wanted alot more to eat than usual and I could wolf down a whole chocolate cake (which I haven't touched since) I didn't experience morning sickness or heartburn either. I did have a girl if that makes any difference. Good luck with your baby!

                                                                                3. grilled ham and cheese with my father's mild zucchini pickles sandwiches on rye

                                                                                  Haven't made one in 20 years

                                                                                  1. at first i couldn't eat meat. ANY meat. i couldn't even walk by the meat counter at the store. i usually LOVE chocolate but do not crave it at all. in fact, it's the last thing i crave. i'm in my early 2nd tri now but still can't do fish. some shrimp but nothing too fishy. i'm japanese and was raised on fish and ate it at least 3 times a week.

                                                                                    i crave anything citrus. lemon squeezed in club soda is my main drink. love lemonade mixed with club soda too. anything sour.mmmmm...sour pickles! i haven't eaten a big mac in about 20 yrs but all of the sudden i wanted one in my first trimester. i want steak but not a whole lot of chicken. i can eat it now but only cut up and no bones. sponge cake is something i want quite a bit and oranges! it also varys. i may have a strong craving for tacos and the next thing you know it makes me want to barf.

                                                                                    1. This is so funny. I hear everyone saying the same thing I am experiencing. Normally I eat tons of vegetables, whole grains, blah blah, spicy food, adventurous food. Now I just want fruit, fruit juice, and starch. Bland food. The grilled ham and cheese with pickle on rye one poster mentioned sounds fantastic. Normally I eat chocolate every day and red wine but the thought of either makes me sick. I am in my eighth week and my stomach is already sticking out but it's not from any baby -- it's all the sugar and starch.

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                                                                                      1. re: KateC.

                                                                                        KateC, I'm a little further along than you and all I can stomach is bland food and Gatorade. I've lost 8lbs. The first few weeks, I wanted spicy stuff.

                                                                                      2. When I was pregnant with my daughter (1st child) I craved oranges something fierce. I'd be at the grocery store and unable to contain myself from eating 2 or 3 of them right there in the produce section. I'd always have to tell the cashier to take the largest of the lot and ring it up 3 times to compensate for what I'd eat in the store.

                                                                                        My crazy-lady moment was a serious craving for Fruity Pebbles (??? - I don't eat cereal, and I had not had FP in 15 years, easily). My husband forgot to pick them up on his way home from the gym and it sent me into hysterics.

                                                                                        Curiously, with my son (2nd pregnancy) I had no cravings. But I've been off BBQ since I took a business trip to Memphis late in my first trimester. The client I was traveling with wanted BBQ for every meal (3x/day) for 4 days straight. I still can't look at pulled pork, even though I used to love it. The thought of it makes my stomach turn to this day.