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Mar 8, 2008 07:17 AM

Los Huaraches Cesar Chavez

Has anyone tried Los Huaraches? It's near Cesar Chavez and Attayac, and opened sometime in the late fall. A girlfriend brought some tamales to a christmas party, and they were fantastic...very flavorful beef, and excellent salsas.

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  1. i've been wondering about this too, but i haven't been. i was a big fan of huaraches from street carts when i lived in mexico, so the name caught my eye. i'll be curious to hear any reviews, possibly go check it out myself...

    1. We went there about 3 weeks ago. It was ok but not great.

      1. yes.its awesome.i was in town from cali for the weekend and on the way to downtown from the airport it caught my attention.chilaquiles,eggs and beans for$3.50.menudo was great too..cant beat that with a baseball bat!!!!