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Mar 18, 2002 11:01 PM

Benny's BBQ and Hot Diggity Dog

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I had the 3 meat meal Saturday night from Benny's and the Baby Backs at Hot Diggity Dog for lunch today. Benny's food was by far smokier but also much drier and tougher. The ribs at HDD were well seasoned, not smokey but tender as a mother's love. The sauce was OK at HDD but better at Benny's. After gnawing through a pork and beef rib at dinner Saturday, I made a big pot of BBQ beans (from dry beans) Sunday and threw the remaining 2 pork and 2 beef ribs in with the beans and sauce. I cooked them for 2 1/2 hours until the meat fell off the bones. Now the meat is tender and the beans are as flavorful as I have ever had. Meaty too. Now I see why the HDD ribs were rated #2 overall at the blind tasting. Tender wins over smokey every time I guess. Benny's baked beans put HDD beans to shame. Benny's chicken was extremely flavorful, smokey, juicey and wonderful. Chicken, beans and cole slaw at Benny's are a wonderful combo. I will be report back after I have tried some of the sliced meats and the hot links. It had been a long time since I was there last but it will not be long before I return. Pretty decent Peach Cobbler too.

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  1. Great report. I'm a Benny's fan, favoring smoky flavor over tenderness any day. I don't live close enough to eat there regularly anymore, and I miss it.

    1. Where are these two establishments? Thanks in advance.

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        Benny's is on Lincoln, almost in Marina Del Ray but maybe technically Venice (north of Washington). It's a tiny little storefront with a red awning, right next to an Irish bar (I think called Brennans), and across the street from a huge firewood seller. Hope that's descriptive enough.

      2. Try J&J Burger Shack on Adams just west of Fairfax
        GREAT BBQ, Tender Smokey, really good beans and potato salad. The desserts are also good.