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Mar 8, 2008 06:33 AM

I have some great ground lamb, now what?

I have less than a pound of local, free range ground lamb. In the past, I've made lamb burgers, but this time would like to make something a bit more adventurous, but not onerous. (And, I'm afraid, very afraid, of cooking with phyllo!)

So, what would you suggest?

Many thanks!

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  1. If you also love eggplant, I would suggest Moussaka.

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    1. re: Val

      I do also love eggplant, but was afraid that moussaka might fit into that category of "onerous!" Thanks, though, and the curry idea is also very good!

      1. re: baltoellen

        BaltoEllen, I wonder if you and I hit the same 'sale', I had lots of ground lamb last weekend and wasn't sure what to make. I ended up doing a very basic but super tasty moussaka. I had extra filling that I mixed w/ rice and stuffed into a green pepper for lunch later in the week.

        Here's what I did, I took the recipe for the filling from 'Lamb, Raisin, PineNut and Mint Pies' and layered it into a casserole dish on top of grilled (actually, i threw them under the broiler for 5mins) eggplant that had been seasoned w/ OO, S&P, garlic. Then another layer of eggplant and topped it off w/ a basic white cheese sauce and baked it in the oven to heat it thru. Very easy and very tasty.

        I posted a similar request last weekend, heres the link:
        Procrastibaker (first response) had the link for the pie filling. If you scroll to the end you'll see my changes to the recipe - very basic and more based upon what I had on hand.
        There were several good rec's on this board, so hope you have some luck!

        1. re: aussiewonder

          There are so many good recipes that it's now hard to choose.

          Mmmm....I think it's between yours and those amazing sounding meatballs from your thread.

          (BTW, the lamb's from Springfield Farms. But, I'm be looking for ground lamb sales from sources a bit closer to home, so I can try many of these great recipes.....)

    2. Lamb and curry powder are naturals together. I don't have any recipes as I've been married to a lamb hater for 30 years but my ex and I were big fans of curried lamb dishes.

      1. There were a lot of recs here - including a link to a lamb meatball recipe that I love:

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          Well, this recipe turned out to be the winner! Since the lamb was pretty good stuff, I wanted the most minimal preparation. And, the recipe IS a winner, however, if I were to make it again (and I'm sure I would) I would probably throw some almonds into the meatballs as well as in the sauce. I also did get ginger, and that worked so well, that I can't imagine making them without it. I'll play with this a bit more.....but thanks MMRuth and everyone else.

          1. re: baltoellen

            Glad you liked it - it's from Penelope Casa's Delicioso, which I love, though I've not cooked from it in ages. Great Spanish recipes. And I can see almonds in the meatballs being a delicious addition.

        2. If you go south asian you could do koftay, I posted a recipe on CH recipes but it is onerous, I suppose...perhaps you could google and find and easier recipe. Another option that would be just as good is qeema...also google spelled queema, is seasoned ground meat, you can eat it with basmati rice or flat bread, serve with yoghurt and Indian pickles (achaar) on the side. There are recipes posted for that, too on in the boards, I think I did post one also...enjoy your lamb

          1. I love little lamb meatballs in a soup with lots of chickpeas. You could just do it in a broth with veggies. I also make a chickpea puree soup with minted lamb meatballs that is really good, if I must say so.