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Mar 8, 2008 05:30 AM

Anyone familiar with this site? The photos will certainly make you hungry! I tried signing up but I haven't gotten a confirmation email and can't figure out how to contact the site administrator. Well, at least I tried! Meanwhile, it's some very interesting reading!

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  1. Love the site...especially the piece on NOKA.

    1. I am a member of the site. Just be patient Scott (the owner) might be on a food excursion and detailing his reviews. Scott is very thorough. You can browse through the posts btu can't make comments if you aren't a member but I just read most of the information anyway.

      1. appears to have been the victim of a spammer attack and the forums currently are down. Anyone know what happened and when it will be back up?

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        1. re: michaela0416

          I was just about to post the same thing...I kept thinking it would just come back one day.

          Anyone hear anything about it? I couldn't find a place to email the webmaster or anything.


          1. re: RajunCajun

            Don't know. It's still down as far as I can tell.

              1. re: RajunCajun

                Yep, here's a story from Pegasus News that gives more details about what happened. Apparently, it was the victime of a spam attach:

                1. re: michaela0416

                  A "horrific" spam attack and a "bloody deluge". Wow. Perchance just a teensy-tiny little bit of hyperbole from Teresa Gubbins, the writer?

                  1. re: LindaWhit

                    Seems like not too long ago CH was suffering from the same sort of things. Glad that ended. I don't like "bloody deluges!"

                    1. re: danhole

                      Phpbb has always been vulnerable to those kinds of spam attacks. Glad that they're back though.