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Mar 8, 2008 05:13 AM

Best delivery pizza in SE Pasadena?

Dear Hounds,

We're hosting a party for our daughter, who has requested cheese pizza on the menu. Which place near SE Pasadena has the best cheese pizza? We'd like a tasty crust with a proper chew to crisp ratio, real mozzarella cheese, olive oil or tomato sauce, and a sprinkling of fresh herbs. Research on the LA board mentioned Petrillo's (SG), Carmine's (Arcadia), Tarantino's (Pasadena). Any comments or suggestions?

Many thanks and happy chowing.


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  1. I'd select Tony's in San Marino or, believe it or not, Big Mama's & Papa's, over Petrillo's or Tarantino's (haven't been to Carmine's).

    1. i've never been to petrillo's but people on this board seem to like it. never been to carmine's but i have been to tarantino's and not a big fan of their pizza. doughy with a thick crust. better when it's made well done but it's just doesn't taste good to me. there's a place on far oaks in south pasadena that is pretty good. i don't know whether they deliver and i'm also no help because i forgot their name. but that's where i'd get my pizza from.

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        it's called mama's brick oven pizza!

      2. Tony's seems like it would be fairly close to you and I think they deliver. I like them and Petrillo['s, but the latter is sort of far from SE Pasadena and I don't know if they deliver.

        1. Isn't Big Mama's & Papa's Pizza a mini-chain? How is their famous 36" pizza?

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            It is a mini-chain. I've never had the huge pizza, but I assume it's like the others, just bigger. Their tomato sauce has is nicely tangy, and their cheese is a few notches better than the stuff they use at typical Pizza Smut/Domino's joints.

          2. Tony's (in San Marino) says they deliver on their site - maybe see if they'll go that far? Even if not, I say it's worth a drive over.