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Mar 8, 2008 04:43 AM

What to make with stuffed pork-loin?

We're making a nice birthday dinner for my mother-in-law this evening. The main course is going to be grilled pork loin with apple-cherry filling...per her request. We are having a chocolate cake with buttercream and ganache for dessert. Now.....what else should we do? Last year we did a full 5 courses, so whatever you come up with is do-able. Have fun! (oh--p.s. we are at her home in central Wisconsin.....not in a big city, not near a gourmet food store....only chain grocery stores)

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  1. With pork loin my family likes sauerkraut sauteed with lots of onions in butter. A potato gratin is always good. For a first course, I would do something light....maybe a salad with poached pears. Hope this helps.

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      Thanks! We're going to do a poached pear salad.

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        I was also going to suggest a potato gratin and something green...ha! With pork, ya just gotta have some kind of potato, to me.

      2. Rice Pilaf? Twice baked potatoes? Greenbean, Squash or Broccoli Casserole.
        Fresh asparagus....Fresh Broccoli....Vodka Martinis..Oops! Grand Marnier afterwards...Lastly a a nice nap...Ya gonna be tired!!

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          red cabbage and apples braised in cider vinegar

        2. I like to serve a sort of german style purple cabbage that I do with brown sugar bacon green apples and rice wine vinegar. I also do roasted garlic mashed potato's or some times roasted butternut squash.

          1. With a roast of this kind I usually make potato pancakes with a blob of sour cream on top accopmanied by either red cabbage or brussel sprouts.

            1. The dinner was a hit...
              We started with a roasted pear and parmesan arugula salad and good, crusty bread,pork loin stuffed with apples and cherries, smashed potatoes, glazed carrots for the main course, and finished with the heavy duty hot water chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache. Whew! Lots of calories! Good thing birthdays only come once a year!