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Mar 18, 2002 06:41 PM

Taco Trucks

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Among the James Beard Foundation nominated articles recently referred to on the General Board, was an article from San Francisco about taco trucks.

The article included a reference to the San Francisco board, indicating that there were a lot of postings about faves around town.

If memory serves me right, I don't think we've explored this on our board. So, here goes: What's your favorite taco truck/roach coach?

FYI, below is the link to the article about San Francisco's gems.


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  1. I've never had tacos as good as those served nightly in the parking lot of Nishikawa Auto Service, 510 S. Fair Oaks (near California), Pasadena.

    The menu is tacos only. $1.10 each. If I remember correctly they have: Asada, Al Pastor, Carnitas, Sesos, Lengua, Cabeza, and Pollo.

    The crowd (and it is often crowded) is a great mix of people, which I enjoy.

    The truck is there from 7-midnight.

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    1. re: Key Lime Guy

      I'll second this one. I have at least once put my non-meat-eating on the 20 minute disabled list to snarf one of their tacos.

      There's another truck on N. Fair Oaks (2 blocks N. of Colorado?) which has a more varied menu -- they'll make you a quesadilla (w/ hot sauce, cilantro, and onions) which is pretty tasty.
      (I'll have to disclaim this one by stating that I've only eaten them after what some might consider semi-excessive intake of alcoholic beverages.)

      1. re: b grubbs

        Personal Fave: El Taurino on Hoover just South of Olympic. The restaurant is always jammed, so the wagon parked out back is something of a timesaver. Food is the same great grub in either venue.

    2. There's a great truck on Rose Ave in Venice near 3rd st.
      Right now it's just weekends. Im summer it's every day. Great mariscos.

      1. el taurino truck, as mentioned before

        a couple of east la faves:
        Hugos the 60 fwy, downey rd exit..make a left onto downey and a left at the first will be on your right hand side..hours are 7pm to 2am or til they run out.... they make great asada tacos with a roasted salsa. they also have al pastor and the usual (cabeza, sesos, etc)...this isnt a taco truck per se...but more like a carreta(wagon?) that gets pulled into the lot every evening...they have these cebollitas(grilled onions) that they give out on request....this is some good eating.

        the second rec in east LA is tacos Korita..on olympic and herbert ave...again a carreta that disappears during the day and magically appears at night..around 7ish...a couple of cheesy plastic picnic tables adds to the decor of the lot...the great thing here is that they make the corn tortillas as you order them...they have this thing-a-majiggy..which kinda looks like a pasta roller....and they put the ball of masa in it and the tortilla gets shaped by the machine which is hand cranked by a lady and falls onto the hot grill...from this they make tacos and their specialty, mulas...essentially a quesadilla with meat inside...good tomatillo salsa can buy a drink at the adjacent market..enjoy