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Mar 8, 2008 03:10 AM

[Manchester] Simply Heathcotes - now closed

Well, it is if you're reading this after 9/3.

The restaurant is to be refurbished and will re-open in the autumn as a "fine dining" (I hate that term) establishIment to be called the Elliott.

I hope to be among the first customers as the building has very fond memories for me. It is where, in September 1966, I started my first job at the City's Education Department. Shortly after, it was renamed Elliott House in memory of the the recently retired Director of Education )presumably why the restaurant is named as such). Some years later, the building had a new role as the City's Registry Office and it where Mrs H and I married in 1972. And, many years later, as Simply Heathcotes, there was nowhere else that we could have celebrated our Silver Anniversary.

Paul Heathcote is quoted as saying ""I want this to be a restaurant which all of Manchester can be proud of. I am aiming to create the best restaurant in the city.

"It will be something really different to what is on offer at the present time and we hope this is an opportunity to really raise the bar in terms of quality."

For those of us who live and eat around the city, we can only hope he succeeds.


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  1. hoping not to burst your bubble i thought both my meals at Simply Heathcotes were average and the Longridge restaurant unremarkabe at best.

    whilst i admire what heathcote wants to do - black pudding with foie instead of fat, i just dont seem to get the flavour delivery.

    the opther chap form lancashire with the 3 fishes and northcote manor seems much more on the money to me.

    i will definitely try the elliott and hope its not another establishment

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    1. re: pecandanish

      Doesnt burst any bubbles - food appreciation is always a subjective issue. And, I'm sure, you'll have also seen my other posts about recent food at Simply (you'll have also out that my anniversary meal there was in 1997) . My meal at the Longridge was fab - Mrs H's not so fab.

      1. re: Harters

        I wasn't blown away by my meal at the Manchester Simply Heathcotes either. Is the Liverpool one staying put for now, do you know?

        1. re: monkeytennis

          As far as I can see, it's just the Manchester one affected.

          I'm not sure how the development affects his Olive Press branch either. Apparently the new restaurant will be on the ground floor (which is exactly where I started work in 1966!) and the OP also occupies part of the floor (round the side, so to speak)