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Mar 8, 2008 02:57 AM

[Manchester] Restaurant BOGOFs

A recently received email points me at these deals at Choice and Stock:

Both seemingly applying during March.


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  1. thanks for this, i will most definitely try choice. stock is a bag of pants and mauro, the owner, is the single most arrogant loser i have ever had the misfortune to give my money too.

    the first time i ate in stock i found the food average and out of season. asparagus & balsamic vinegar; get over yourself. sea bass was ok.

    second time around; the manchester food festival taste of tuscany. rancid salumi; mortadella & milano are not tuscan. the vegetable & bean soup would have been better made by heinz, the hot/cols/dry/soggy cotolette of some meat or other with vinegary tomato sauce. and the silly rosemary hazlenut cake whose name i forgot (something like castagnaccio). rough and unpleasany vin santo. whats this guy got against Tuscany ?

    a polite (honestly) email followed which was returned as an aggressive shouting phone call. nice. first of all i wanted something free, then i wanted to sell him my products, finally he was ill (something to do with his leg) and tired and busy. and boo hoo hoo. not busy enough to cream off the money flogging old rope.

    my lovely wife recently returned for a business dinner and was suitably unimpressed. nice environment, below average food.

    how this place earned its reputation i will never understand, although the maitre d is extremely slick and works the room really well.

    save your money, stay at home and cook soemthing out of any Jamie Oliver.

    if you insist on eating Italian go to Palmiro

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    1. re: pecandanish

      Sorry you had another disappointing meal. My experience was much better - And, with the BOGOF, I wish I could get back there this month, but won't be able to make it.

      BTW, seeing as Mauro's been mentioned, has anyone tried his Osteria yet - on the road from Wilmslow to Prestbury? I keep meaning to go but havnt made it yet.

      1. re: pecandanish

        Think this is a bit of an unfair rant about Mauro's communication skills, or lack of them, rather than his food which is usually excellent.........for Manchester