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Mar 8, 2008 01:43 AM

Takeout Food in Korea Town

I started a new job in Korea Town (Wilshire/Vermont area) working night shift. My "lunch" hour is from 8~9PM. I like to get takeout food to bring back to the office to eat. I would love to get some recommendation for delicious and not too expansive takeout option around the area. Thanks!

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  1. I work around there as well...not a huge selection of really close buy places, but several within a short drive.

    Makkah Hallal is an Indian (Bangladeshi) place at 4th and Vermont...they deliver as well.
    Guelaguetza, Oaxacan food on Olympic west of Normandie will do take out.
    There's another good Oaxacan place, La Morenita, at Third and New Hampshire.
    Across Thrid street from La Morenita is a decent Salvadoran place: El Palmar.
    Of course, there is tons of Korean food, but I'm not sure which places do good take out, though you can get kim bap and other ready-to-eat foods at nearly all the Korean super markets.

    1. On the southwest corner of Seventh and Vermont there is a good Korean restaurant called Ssin Ssin that primarily does to-go food. It's a mom and pop place that has basic comfort food and some really good Japanese tinged dishes (sashimi bowl and fish egg bowl).

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        Sorry, I spelled the name of the restaurant wrong: it's Ssing Ssing. I am looking at their to-go menu right now and they claim that delivery is free.

      2. There's also Kuishimbo on 6th btwn Alexandria and Kenmore. Super good, no frills japanese grill, Korean ribs, tasty salad dressing, I used to bring it back to my Ktown job all the time.

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          I have been looking for this Kuishimbo. I miss the one on Wilshire, and am never in the valley. Is there a phone number or address for this location?

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            Doesn't seem to be googlable, but it's there, 2 or 3 blocks west of vermont on the north side of 6th, middle of the block btwn Kenmore and Alexandria.

        2. I needed chowhound a couple of years ago. I took a class in a building on the corner of New Hampshire and Wilshire and never found any place that I really liked. I also never heard of any of these places that are being mentioned, though.

          1. BCD tofu house, nakwon (sp?), hodori

            el taurino down the street. tommy's down the other street...