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Mar 7, 2008 11:54 PM

Help needed-first time in Cannes..

Hello myself and five friends will be renting a villa in Cannes towards the end of August beginning of September. I am looking for dining rec's in Cannes and the surrounding area please. I am looking for both high end and loew end options.. Is the Palme d'Or any good? Also, thinking of making a trip up to Monaco for Louis XV if two of us can get a reservation- is it worth the effort and the money? Many thanks for your help!

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  1. There's a wonderful cafe near the harbor called La Potiniere, across from the Palais des Festivals, home of the Cannes Film Festival. I had a wonderful lunch outdoors there, starting with pissaladiere, then sliced duck breast with citrus sauce, and a pineapple carpaccio dessert. Fresh pineapple is placed in the freezer for half an hour, then sliced razor thin and served over ice cream with a splash of cognac. There are lots of framed movie posters on the walls, and photos of movie stars, an interesting place to eat, informal, but good food.

    Also, anyone visiting Cannes should visit the open air market, Tuesdays, I think, downtown. The flowers, herbs, meats, fish, and vegetables are not to be missed. They have everything.

    I did not go to Louis XV, but walked past and looked at the menu. Prices are breathtaking, and friends tell me that Ducasse is never there. Other chowhounds would have to tell you if it's worth visiting.

    1. I have not eaten at the Palme d'Or but its reputation precedes it. My coworkers seem to think it is worth the visit. Astoux et Brun is great for a Plat Royale if you are with a group of people (you'll spend at least 50 euro a head here). I like the beach restaurant of the Grand Hotel as well (prices are pretty decent considering it's Cannes... salads run about 15-20 euro).

      I will be in Cannes next week for a week and I plan on trying Le Cave (tried to get a table last time I was there and could not despite asking for every day of the week).

      1. Le Relais des Moines near Les Arcs (30 minutes west of Cannes by car) is terrific.