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Mar 7, 2008 11:43 PM

Monmouth county wine buys

I currently reside in Long Branch and have, as many of you know, a severe passion for winesand food. I want to know where do you chowhounders go for wines? Personnally I shop at a few different stores. Court liquors I go to for their manager Nick who has vast wine knowledge and they have a very good italian section. Crate liquors in Red Bank has a surprisingly good German Riesling selection, I am looking at you for that one bgut, the rest is just ok. Spring Lake bottle shop probably one of my favorites, great variety knowledgable staff, I usually leave with a mixed case. Wine concierge in Allenhurst another fav for sure, they only have a hundred or so bottles and all are hand selected, some very very interesting; they also sell a great selection of cheese here. Also Rumson Buy rite is a good stop they have a few staff members that are helpful and a few gems there. What about everyoe else? There are loads of BYO's in the area which we all comment on, and to me wine selection is just as important as food selection. So where do you go?

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  1. I don't know how knowledgeable the staff is but Whole Foods on Rte 35 in Middletown has quite a selection. As does Spirits further north on 35.

    1. I found this place on night we went for dinner in Westfield. I only WISH one would open down here by all of us.

      The staff was so knowledgeable, and helpful. I know they are opening one in Princeton, but that still does not help me. For now, I usually go to Wegmans in Manalapan.

      1. Wine Shop of Holmdel; they offer a number of tasting events in the store
        If you know what you like, Costco in Edison has great buys.

        1. Gotta go with the huge megastores on this one. Sam's has a nice selection and always good prices. I have found very good icewine and rieslings there and even a few in the mid-expensive range. Also found some good Italian reds.

          1. surprisingly good choices at jonathan-ron next to shop rite in wall on rt. 35... also the liquor store next to wegman's in ocean

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              Mantoloking Road in Brick has a pretty decent liquor store. It may be a Buy Rite, not sure. I was there before the holidays and found a really nice Albarino

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                Try JRs in Brielle next to the health club - much larger and a more in depth selection than the store in Wall.

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                  I have to go there just for the fact that it is next to a health club.