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Mar 7, 2008 10:30 PM

Need achiote (annatto) seeds and Mexican oregano in NDG (or close)

While Rocky Montana does seem to have everything sometimes, I don't think it can help find these ingredients. Rocky had Seville oranges so I bought some for sour orange juice, and have enough left over for some Yucatecan slow-cooked pork. But, I need the achiote seeds and oregano for the spice mix, and don't know where to find them, please help!

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  1. I could be very wrong, but I believe Amaranto on Monkland (or its precursor, Casa Azul?) used to sell a few Mexican ingredients on the side. Nothing to lose by calling them... Good luck!

    5974 Monkland - 514-510-1225

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      Good idea, I'll stop by if only to bask in the cuteness of that place.

      1. re: kpzoo

        Stopped by Amaranto during the storm, and found just what I needed. Well, not seeds, but the paste will work fine. The chef also gave me some of her own Mexican oregano for very cheap. So, I had to stay for some soup, quite good, served with fresh scallions, radish, and avocado that you add while eating. They also served a tostada with it topped simply with sour cream and queso fresco (I think it is called, tastes like a mild feta and is often crumbled on top of many Mexican dishes). Thanks for the help!

        1. re: T.I.M.

          It doesn't just taste like feta. It is feta.

          That's what I learned from the lovely man at Marché Popocateptel when I inquired about queso fresco. He told me all Montreal Mexican places use feta.

          1. re: T.I.M.

            Fabulous! I'm glad you found what you needed and had a nice soup to boot. This is another one of those places I keep referring people to, that's 2 minutes from my house, that I've yet to visit myself. Now I really must go!

            1. re: kpzoo

              The owner is a trained chef from Mexico city, and does add a bit of a fancy touch to her Mexican fare. Now, I've had a very good seveche there (odd choice for the middle of winter...but tasty nonetheless), but it is very hit and miss I find. The tamales were not great, very "eggy" and the pork was rather flavourless, but the el pastor was the best I've had North of San Diego. Still, I do recommend it, and you'll find the owner and her family very very friendly and endearing, and she is always happy to share tips and recipes with customers. They also make that tasty Mexican flavoured water made from flowers that I always guzzle all at once.