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Mar 7, 2008 09:55 PM

Any good Japanese Resturant in downtown

My question is any good JAP rest in T.O is not as pricy as kaji. average $30 per person (not included drinks) per dinner and i perfer those operated by Japanese.

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  1. You might like Ematei. Lots of Japanese expats hanging about! I wouldn't go for the atmosphere, but the food is quite good.

    Others like Japango, but I haven't tried it yet, so can't comment.

    We've had decent food at Nami too (in a more upscale setting).

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    1. re: Rabbit

      Ematei is the most authentic place we have found in Toronto.

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        I try 2 places, one is Japango, very small place but serving a very good sushi, I found their small hot dishes are so authentic but not many choices. Overall good for 2 people dinning.
        Another one is Ematei, we have a group of 6 to try out. We ordered from sushi, sashimi, even japanese style hot pot. I like this resturant because they provide a good variety and atmosphere. At least we don't need to listen what is going on at the table next to you.

      2. Japango, hands down! Even my Japanese friends gave it a thumbs up!

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          Hey Charles,
          when I went downtown I noticed there were two restos with the same Japango name... are you referring to the one on Elisabeth street or the one on queen east (near the beaches)

        2. Ichi Riki, Bloor just west of Church.

          1. IMO Daio Japanese on Carlton is superior to Ichi Riki, the current incarnation of Japango, and Nami. I wish more people would give it a chance.

            Japanese sushi chef whose Japanese wife makes the hot dishes served to you by kimono clad women from Japan including their daughter. Traditional sushi and maki, no gimmick rolls, a good selection of interesting hot dishes and soups. Get my point?


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            1. re: Googs

              No, I don't quite get it. Superior in terms of what ? price, quality ? All the restaurants mentioned above has "Traditional sushi and maki, a good selection of interesting hot dishes and soups", plus some has interesting roll provided on top of this.

              I found Ichiriki, Japango, Takesushi, Nami all serves pretty good standard sushi/sashimi, not much different from one another, reasonably fresh fish, good variety, good preparation, rice ok with fake wasabi and standard soy sauce. So what is the differences at Daio ?

              When I look at Daio's take-out menu, it is very standard with nothing stand out. Hopefully, their dinner menu probably has more varieties.

              1. re: skylineR33

                Sorry skylineR33. I guess my frustration over my inability to get people to try the place is showing. Probably not the best tact.

                To begin, I've been going to various sushi places trying their wares since John Lee's Omi closed its doors. Even while Omi was open, hubby & I always had Daio as an alternate for those nights when we had the craving after hubby's work and too late for John Lee. It served us well then.

                Of the places I've tried since, I have to say Daio has provided consistent quality and service. I've never had a problem opening my wallet to pay as I feel they provide excellent value for the money. I've spent a couple of twenties and I've spent in the 'hood of $200 and always been satisfied.

                The take-out menu bears no relevance to their dine in menu. It would likely serve them better if deleted from the website. Recently, though, we decided on a sushi pig-out by ordering their medium party tray for $50 which was fantastic so I do think their take-out is worthy.

                When I say "traditional" sushi and maki, I mean to separate it from the herd of Yonge St joints with their fusion rolls. You'll find none here. It is as authentic a place as I have found in my journey.

                I can also distinguish it from say Ichiriki in that the service at Daio is quite good. I've found it problematic at Ichiriki. Chef has a lighter hand with wasabi, also a problem with Ichiriki's sushi. In terms of Japango, the room is far more spacious at Daio including about 5, 6 booths so no listening to the conversation of others. Nami I find to be more style than substance. Daio is all about substance. I can't make a truly fair comparison to Takesushi as I've only been to Take once. I *think* Take's quality is higher, but then so are the prices. To be fair I should make at least one more visit. I do think though that it's more special occasion courtesy of its pricing whereas Daio is suited to everyday cravings.

                What makes it different to me is the pride the family takes in their work. There is much preparation before it hits your plate including working on ideas at home. Very old world to create upon order and I'm grateful for that. It shows on your plate.

                Happy to answer any more questions.

                1. re: Googs

                  Thanks for the information. Will give Daio a try when I am in that area, sounds good value with great hospitality which is a very important aspect in Japanese cuisine.

            2. Takesushi, Japango, Nami and IciRiki....not necessarily in that order for Sushi. Ematai is good option for overall including price point, but not the best.