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Mar 7, 2008 09:13 PM

Best casual brunch (Edmonton)?

Looking for suggestion re: brunch or a fun weekend lunch place...nothing too expensive or fancy.

We've been to Barb & Ernies, Cafe Mosaic, Tasty Tom (was not a fan), Sugarbowl, Upper Crust, and High Level Dinner to name but a few.

Looking for something different. Not necessarily just in the University/Whyte Ave area. Suggestions?

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  1. I had weekend guests a few weeks ago and struggled with this too, We finally went for dim sung because I really couldn't think of any place downtown/northside that I really thought was good.

    Had a brunch meeting at Kelsey one Sunday and it was OK. I don't eat eggs so that was a bit of a problem. And the hash browns were cubes of coated potatoes that were deep-fried, not what I want for breakfast.

    I just remembered Cafe de Ville on 124 street. The baked brie so good. I can't remember if they take reservations though.

    1. we usually end up at the sawmill, they have a big selection

      1. For buffet, we like the Coast Terrance Inn. It wasn't cheap though. Around $30 each, I think . Ton's of good choices though

        When I'm with my mom. She likes to hit Moxies for brunch. It ok. I like the suggestion of Cafe De ville. I've never been there but, I've always heard good things about it.

        1. What about Urban Diner in the High Street area or the Glenora Grill? I"ve never been to either for brunch but they're menu looks great and I've heard good things from friends. Leva also does brunch on Sundays, I think. Great coffee, that's for sure.

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            Went to the Urban Diner for brunch on Saturday; the menu isn't large but the food was good and the potatoes were excellent. The place was packed though so go early if you need a table for more than 2 people. With 2 it was easier to grab a small table or sit at the counter, but you still may have to wait for a seat.

          2. I know this place has gotten a bad rap at times, but I loved the New York Bagel Cafe when I went. Relaxed service, great hollandaise, pretty good price ($30 for two plus fancy coffees), and interesting specials (Blue cheese, grilled apple and bacon frittata).

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              ah....brunch, my favorite meal!!

              Leva's brunch is very limited. Only a few items on a menu.

              Urban diner is great, casual, they went through some kitchen staffing issues they have come a long ways, their brunch seems to be back to what it used to be.

              Manor cafe is even better, but not open in the winter for sunday brunch.

              For Saturday brunch go to Culina, they do great breakfast during the week and brunch only on Saturdays. There bacon & eggs is the best (it is crispy braised pork & mushroom fritatta). make a reservation tho. We go here about 1-2x/month for breakfast, I have had almost everything on the menu, never disappointed, my husband has never strayed from the bacon & eggs.

              Bacon has fabulous brunch, small place, worth the wait, local menu, lots of organic...great perogy!

              Cafe de ville is an all time favorite if just for the mini hot fresh pastries. more expensive though....amazing quiche.

              Blue plate diner is popular, worth a try, I have had good and bad experiences there.

              There are lots of great breaky places in Edmonton....enjoy!!