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Mar 7, 2008 08:22 PM

Bakery in Western Suburbs?

Does anyone know of a good bakery in the Elmhurst to Downers Grove area? Looking for great birthday and special occasion cakes with great fillings. Thanks

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  1. Busy Bee Bakery right downtown Downers Grove.

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      Have you purchased cakes at this bakery? Were you impressed? Thanks so much for responding!

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        I've purchased cakes at BusyBee in Downers Grove. It's very good, typical old fashioned bakery. There are NO bakeries near Bolingbrook where I live, I really wish someone would open one. The only problem with BusyBee is they have wierd hours. I drove all the way there on a Saturday morning around Christmas time and they were closed. I was so disappointed. Everything I've ever had at BusyBee has been really good, cakes, brownies, cookies, coffeecakes, all very good.

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          Busy Bee has a website with lots of information and also some coupons you can use:

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            I have ordered several cakes from Busy Bee and they do a very good job. The cakes are delcious... especially their Atomic Cake with about 10 layers including fresh bananas, strawberries, fudge, yellow cake, and chocolate cake. They do a nice job decorating, but don't so anything super cool like you might see at some other bakeries. And their chocolate frosted cake donuts are awesome : ) They are closed on Sundays and close somewhat early during the week.

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            What about Gigante on 53 in Bolingbrook? They made my wedding cake and my cousin's wedding cake and their tres leche cake is wonderful!

        2. I'll add two more in the same neck of the woods:

          My favorite for "fancy" cakes in Toni Marie's Sweets & Savories -- they have a somewhat limited list of choices, but the quality is first rate -- delicious and beautiful. Every cake is a real treat, probably wasted on little kid's , but adored by grown-ups

          For more of the "old fashioned" cakes there is Kirschbaum's. a third generation place that really does a nice job on customer service. A lot of their "special occasion" cakes fall into the wedding cake category -- structurally sound but perhaps lacking in ultimate texture/flavor. They also have fantastic coffee cakes -- I've been to many an event where the "main cake" was over shadowed by the moist rich coffee cake...

          Kirschbaum's Bakery
          825 Burlington Ave # 1, Western Springs, IL

          Toni Marie's Sweet & Savories
          51 S Washington St, Hinsdale, IL

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            I am from LaGrange and craved for the weekend when we would get Kirshbaum donuts. I not longer live in Chicago but still to this day look forward to returning home to eat those yummy treats. No matter what you are looking for (cake, cookie, coffee cake, breads...) it is all about Kirschbaums.

          2. Contact this woman who is out in Naperville. Does cakes to order. Far better than your standard cakeshop fare, such that you would get at a Busy Bee type place. She creates sculpted cakes for all special occassion events (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Graduations, Confirmations, etc, etc), and can provide all types of fillings. I sampled a pina collada/lime cake combo at a recent party and it was out of this world. Have also tried a cookies/cream filling and raspberry filling cakes she has created for other parties I've been to in the area. Cakes are extreamly moist and flavorful. She makes deliveries all throughout the Chicagoland area, including Downers, Bolingbrook, Lisle, Elmhurst etc. Click on the link below for contact info and samples of the types of cakes she makes.


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              You must really like this place! All your previous posts advertise it...

            2. i know it's probably too late, but i just had to recommend Upper Crust Bakery in Lisle. my office gets our monthly birthday cake from here, and it's always different and amazing. in fact, everything i've ever had from this bakery is awesome - pound cake, muffins, turnovers, eclairs...