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Mar 7, 2008 06:46 PM

Best Korean Soup Noodle?

Someone gave us some Korean noodle soup as a gift called Antigin myun made by Samyang Foods. I thought it was pretty good compared to the Sapporo Ichiban brand which I'm more accustomed to. I somehow like the texture of this ramen-type noodle better than the Japanese kind. Plus, the Korean soup noodles have a little spicy kick to them. Are there any other good brands to try? There must be at least half dozen or more in the dry noodle section at the Korean store I shop at in Torrance.

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  1. Antigin myun is one of our faves. Shin ramyun is god too and very spicy (it has a large, single Chinese character - meaning "shin"). Neoguri is not bad either. Those are the kinda "regular" ramyuns. nowadays, they've got tons of new flavors, which I know nothing about.

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      Thanks ladius. May have to try the Shin ramyun the next time I go shopping. I bought one btand on sale at Freshia Market in Torrance called San Francisco Curly Noodle Soup which was OK but not as good as the Antigin. I guess I may not have added much water to it because it pretty well made me sweat. In most cases, the dry noodles pretty much are similar in taste and texture?