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Mar 7, 2008 04:53 PM

Brunch on the water in Rockport, MA

Any recommendations for brunch with a water view in Rockport, MA?

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  1. Emerson Inn in the summer season. I can't think of much for this time of year.

    1. If they're open for the season, My Place on the point of Bear Skin Neck is wonderful.

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      1. re: treb

        I hope it's better for brunch than it was for dinner. One of the most disappointing meals I've ever had. If Rockport is not essential, you might consider Tom Shea's in Essex, a really lovely spot on the marsh and a decent meal. There's also a coffee shop on the Back Shore in Gloucester, whose name escapes me at the moment. I have never been but the view of the ocean is a view of the ocean.

        1. re: resipsaloquitor

          I've been going for years, never had a bad meal there. The only thing that I wish they would improve is the wine list, it's not too good. What disappointed you?

          1. re: treb

            Everything but the bread. Most of the food was flavorless. The fish was worse than flavorless, and beef was cheap, fatty and tough. A huge, huge disappointment after hearing raves for years. We didn't even stay for dessert, which may be a first for me!

            1. re: resipsaloquitor

              It does sound disappointing as you stated. I would have alerted the chef/owner, she is very particular about her rep, she would have torn up the check if you told her of that experience.

              1. re: treb

                Excellent point. I should have done that.