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Mar 7, 2008 04:41 PM

Cod Tongues

Was at the fish market today and got talked into buying a package of cod tongues. Fish Guy told me to bread/fry them. That sounds good.. but what else can I do with these?

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  1. That's mostly the way i've ever seen them served, dipped in flour and pan fried, maybe served with scrunchions. One of the newer restaurants in St.John's serves a cod tongue salad with greens and onion i think, and a lemon caper vinaigrette.

    You could try something like this?

    And this site has several cod tongue recipes.

    1. Google search "Codfish Tongues" for a variety of recipes. I've included an image with my reply to assist in possibly creating a desire to sample these. They taste a lot like scallops, so I'm told.

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        i've found cod cheeks taste more like scallops than cod tongues ever did. Cod tongues are kind of a taste all their own, but they are kind of sweet i guess. The smaller ones are the best, less "gelatinous"...unless you like that sort of thing.

        These things were dirt cheap before the moratorium, i can still remember when i was a kid (and i'm not that old !), when the boys used to go door to door selling buckets of them. Now they're a rarity and pricey !!