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Mar 7, 2008 04:12 PM

MSP - Uncooked Flour Tortillas - Where?


In the Southwest US, it's easy to find uncooked flour tortillas at just about any big gorcery store (even costco!). If you've never had them - you just slap one on a hot griddle until it puffs up - then flip it - in about 60 seconds you're done and you have the most delicious thing known to man (IMO).

Since moving to the TC two years ago, I've been uncooked flour tortilla-less. I've tried making my own at least a dozen times w/ different recipes, it's just not the same! WHERE can I find these things????

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  1. Define uncooked.

    I lived in New Mexico for a long time, and flour tortillas before they're cooked are just dough. You can take any cooked flour tortilla, throw it on a hot skillet or griddle for a few seconds, and it will puff up just like you want, and get a little crispy. Zapping them in a microwave for a few seconds also makes them warm and fluffier, but the skillet trick is better. I found good flour tortillas (La Banderita) at a Supervalu at Louisiana and Cedar Lake in St. Louis Park. I don't like Mission tortillas.

    Incidentally, Costco sells cooked flour tortillas in the Southwest.

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      when I say uncooked, I mean they haven't had heat applied to them previously. they are paper-thin when you take them out of the bag - they come frozen most of the time (although I've seen them warm on the shelf - probably along w/ a bunch of preservatives).

      I've heated up previously cooked tortillas before - just not the same.

    2. I hear your pain dombey. Being Mexican and growing up with freshly made home-made tortillas on a regular basis, nothing comes close to fresh cooked tortillas. I didn't even know one could buy uncooked tortillas. I bet you could get some at one of the mercados in South Saint Paul. I called one recently looking for empanada dough, and one the places said if the baker was in, they may have been able to sell me some.

      I have my mother's recipe for tortillas, and if I ever have time, I'll have to try making them, because I sure do miss them. Hmm, maybe if I get good at it, I'll start selling it myself. :-)

      BTW, ever try rolling out your own tortillas from a ball of dough? It's not as easy as it looks. Mine never came out round. :-)

      1. I have always had good luck making my own, the simplest recipes are the best. When I lived overseas, there were no other options for tortillas, so I learned fast how to make my own.