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Mar 7, 2008 04:07 PM

Surprisingly good tacos @ La Hacienda in Durham

While I usually get my taco fix at Lopez or Los Comales since I work close by the family wanted Mexican for dinner and La Hacienda is really close to our house so I went along not expecting much. I have not eaten at LH for quite some time but figured it to be firmly in the El Rodeo/Dorado, Torrero's school which I'm not a huge fan of but they are kid friendly and I have 2 of those (6 &7) so sometimes..............To be honest sometimes on a Friday evening all my wife and I care about is kicking back and eating chips and salsa and having a couple of drinks so as long as the kids eat something we don't really care. Our kids were big On The Border fans. Yeah I know, a crappy chain with flair sportin', singing waitstaff ( three things I hate ) but sometimes the middle of the road does something right and their salsa was damn good. They actually made it on site every day.

Anyway perusing the menu I spy a lot of the usual stuff but then I notice a small heading "Traditional Items", hmmmmm. 2 or 3 taco plate, keep talkin'. Choices, al pastor, carnitas, asada, buche among others. I'll try. No luenga, barbacoa or chicharron though. So it arrives and I see fresh corn tortillas ( 2 thin ones per ) and meat ( very generous too ) covered in raw onions and cilantro. They did not disapoint in the least.

Another plus was my Coke. I'm a big fan of the Mexican Coke made with sugar instead of HFCS. I'm sure it was my imagination as they were serving from a fountain and not bottles the Coke tasted alot like the bottles I get at the Mexican markets.

My wife got the chiles rellenos and gave a thumbs down. I got a chiles poblano on the side and thought the same. Strangely ( well not really, Bret is the man ) the best relleno I've ever had was at Elaine's On Franklin. The table salsa at LH was pretty much the same stuff at most other places-cooked and kind of vinagery. If you're a west Durham/ east Chapel Hill dweller like me give it a try. I'll be back.

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  1. We were also fans of On The Border salsa and chips - definitely the best around - and were sorry to see them vanish with no advance warning and just a little sign on the door. Now need go to Mexican locally. I hope we can do better than LaHacienda although we never ordered soft tacos. The salsa and chips are early warning to us. We did like Tacos de Mexico in Apex but not enough to make the drive regularly.

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      Yeah, I think La Hacienda is pretty good (definitely a step up from the El Rodeos of the world). Of couse, another positive sign is the number of Hispanics that eat there, especially on a Friday night.