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Mar 7, 2008 03:55 PM

America's Best Pizzeria's

MSNBC and The Today Show did a story on America's Best Pizzeria's and of the 10, 2 are on Arthur Avenue, Bronx, across the street from each other. I've been eating Mario's pizza since I was a kid and you will not find anything better. Forget the brick ovens with wood or coal, Mario's uses a gas heated oven. It's all in the ingredients and pizza makers skill. Read the story here:

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  1. I read that story and saw the list. Yeah, two were in the Bronx. Number 1 was in Manhattan. Nothing in Brooklyn, Queens or S.I. I was kind of surpised actually. I would have thought that they would have put DiFara's, Grimaldi's, Nicks, or John's on the list. Instead they put a froofroo pie from Chez Panise in Berkeley and a few more from out west. I guess I need to check out the BX. I rarely go.

    1. I always wondered the who, how, and why of these media lists. It makes no sense, and doesn't seem to reflect actual tastes. I think it is not very well considered, and comprised to make the biggest 'splash' as a media item (thus the froofoo pie commie pie in Berkeley). Hype. Avoid.

      Hail Dom.