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Recommendation near crescent court hotel anniversary dinner

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I need suggestions for romantic restaurant near crescent court hotel. I had made reservations for Nobu- as it was on site and seemed like it might be interesting, even though it's a chain..but seeing so many mixed reviews and no real recent raves I'm reconsidering. Anyone eaten at the Crescent Club? Can't find a menu.. The capital grille appears to be close, but again a chain- and apparently very noisy/pricey. I dont' mind paying but only if it's really worth it. I've also ruled out Mansion on Turtle Creek.

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  1. The Hotel St Germain, right across the street, is one of the most romantic restaurants in town. French cuisine with a Creole twist. Dining by candlelight in an old mansion over 100 years old.

    1. I second the Hotel St. Germain - you have to reserve in advance and it only has a few tables (maybe 8?). The menu is not extensive, however, the food is wonderful and it's very romantic. It has the plus of being across the street from the Crescent.

      You might also want to check out Stephen Pyles, which is close.

      The Crescent Club is not as good as it used to be. It's pretty standard country club food at this point.

      1. Lola is also nearby.

        1. I ate at the Crescent Club for my company Christmas party. Excellent food. I would highly highly recommend the sea beass if they have it. I am not sure how much it was as the regional manager paid for it all. The again Hotel St. Germain and Lola are close by....so if you wanted to venture out I would recommend those over Crescent Club.

          1. Excellent places near the Crescent:
            Stephan Pyle's

            A little further away, Abacus and, definitely, Bijoux. In my opinion all of these are far better than Nobu or St. Germain.

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              If you are interested in avoiding chain restaurants, I would avoid Bice. I would also recommend Lola especially if you are into wine.

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                Bice is indeed a part of a chain of very well regarded restaurants but, also, a restaurant in the Crescent complex that has great food, service and vino. Certainly not an Outback or Friday's but still a chain, I agree.

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                I agree with all of these recommendations with the possible exception of Abacus and to a lesser degree Stephan Pyle's. I'm a big wino, so my favorite among them would be Lola. Fearing's would be second. Bijoux is a bit of a cab ride, but the quality of the food is beyond dispute.

                I'd also add Charlie Palmer's if you willing to take a cab. It's closer to the Crescent than Bijoux and the quality of the food there is stunningly good, service is excellent, and the wine list, while not as extensive as Lola's, is very reasonably priced.

              3. Bijoux is just excellent and a very intimate setting.

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                  What about Sambuca? The limo company suggested this and said that they had good entertainment if we wanted to stay and dance.

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                    If you are interested in food, which I assume you are by posting on CH, I would avoid Sambuca. I think almost any restaurant listed here would be a better option. Granted, I haven't been in a while, but nothing I have had on previous visits has had me even slightly interested in returning.

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                      that's an assumption you should have stopped making two months ago.

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                        Any specifics? It's been more than two months since I've been, but I'd love to know what has changed and how the food has improved.

                2. Hands down, Lola's Tasting Room.

                  1. Stephen Pyles is outstanding. It is expensive, but worth every penny.