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Mar 7, 2008 03:24 PM

Late Night Sunday Dinners in San Francisco - Any recommendations?

Hi there! I fly into SFO from Chicago every Sunday, and usually get to my hotel around 10 pm. I am looking for some choices for dinner that late on a Sunday night! I have tried Katana-ya, and intend on trying Ryoko's this Sunday. Any recommendations would be appreciated! My hotel is near Embacadero Plaza (FiDi?), but I am open to any places that is a short cab ride away!


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  1. Zuni, 11pm
    Globe, 11:30
    Farmer Brown, midnight
    Grubstake, midnight
    Scala's Bistro, midnight
    Thai House Express, midnight
    Oola, midnight
    Nopa, 1am
    Naan 'n' Curry at 336 O'Farrell, 24 hours

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Excellent list from Robert; three more gathered from OpenTable:

      Globe 11:30pm
      Jardiniere 10:30pm
      North Beach Restaurant 11:45pm

      As I'm sure you know, finding good grub after 10 p.m. on a Sunday night is _almost_ mission impossible. Have you considered taking an earlier plane?

      1. re: Paul H

        Huh, I thought I checked Globe. Good catch.

        Has North Beach Restaurant gone uphill? It used to be pretty mediocre.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          I was more concerned with finding places at that time of night on Sunday that had heat and weren't 24-hour dives. North Beach Restaurant is probably remarkably mediocre. There were a few other red-checkered tablecloth Italian places available. This is the only one where I recognized the name.

        2. re: Paul H

          Taking an earlier flight would be nice, but ever since I started travelling for work, I have discovered that weekends are very precious! But with Robert's and your recommendations should be a good start. Then when I get to the end of the list, I'll start from the top again! :D

        1. Nopa serves good food every night till 1am.

          1. The Brazen Head in Cow Hollow at Greenwich and Webster. Serves til 12.

            1. I second Globe. Open late and they still offer the Farmers Market $39.00 dinner (an incredible 4 courses) on Sunday only. If I weren't boiling a pig's head I'd go tonight myself.