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Mar 7, 2008 03:19 PM

MSP - Arepas?

I had my first taste of arepas while on a trip to NYC a couple of weeks ago. Does anyone know where I can find them in Minneapolis-St. Paul? Or maybe just a Venezuelan restaurant? I'm so curious now!

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  1. Not Venezuelan, but how about Los Andes on Lake Street in Minneapolis?


    1. My friend had them at French Meadow (probably not authentic, but part of a VERY tasty dish).

      I have seen them on the menu at Maria's Cafe..

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      1. re: reannd

        I've had the arepas at Maria's, but I must say I wasn't very impressed. They were heavy and bland, but I gather that they're supposed to be bland. My Spanish teacher at the time, a guy from Columbia, told me he didn't like Maria's version, either. (He said that no-one could make them as well as his mom could, so he was obviously biased. :-)

        But those corn pancakes at Maria's - you've GOTTA try those! They're lovely with the optional grated white cheese.


        1. re: reannd

          The arepas dish at the French Meadow is not authentic, but the arepas themselves are. Pretty much everyone in that kitchen is from South America.

        2. Guayaquil on the corner of Bloomington and Lake serves arepas.